Instagram Sign Up Not Working: How To Resolve Instagram Sign-Up Error?


The creators of this popular app, Kevin Systrom, and Mike Krieger, developed the Instagram app in 2010, a social media network for people worldwide to share photos and videos. It was purchased by Instagram, also known as Meta Platforms. Content creators around the Country use this app regularly to upload their daily content to deliver it on media which is altered by different filters, plenty of hashtags, and categorized by location. The public has approved vast followers of the Insta app for sharing their posts on their feeds. Users worldwide can find in this app many attractive and valuable videos of trending material, like photos, follow each other’s content, add their stuff to their page for more likes and to get famous, and browse other users’ content to develop by tag and location.

Why Is Instagram Sign-Up Not Working in 2022?

Solution 1: Switch your network connection.

  • An internet connection is the first thing you need to check for when accessing your Instagram account. After you’ve confirmed that your Internet connection is stable, it’s time to restart your network connection to see if your Instagram problem has been resolved.

  • It also works best if you switch your network connection from wifi to mobile data or vice versa.

Solution 2: Alter your email or phone number.

  • Creating an Instagram account may only work several times if you change your email ID or your current mobile number to sign up for a new Instagram account.

  • If you find yourself in this situation, Instagram has most likely blocked your email address or phone number. As a result, we recommend that you create a new Instagram account with a different email ID or phone number and on a different device.

Solution 3: Use different browsers.

  • If you see the signup error on a mobile device, the third effective method is to use a Desktop to sign up for the Instagram extension successfully. 

  • If you get the signup error again when using Google Chrome, try Instagram in another browser such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Go to Instagram.com and sign up.

Solution 4: Run the test on another device.

  • As previously stated, if you create multiple Instagram accounts on the same device, you will be unable to create a new Instagram account. It means Instagram has blocked your device’s IP address; attempting to sign up for a new account through your browser will yield no results. 

  • It is preferable to change your device in this manner. If you can create a new Instagram account from any device, you can access the newly created Instagram account from your previous device.

Solution 6: Close your Facebook account.

  • When you have previously logged in to your Instagram account with Facebook and Facebook is signed in on the device, the Instagram signup issue is unavoidable. 

  • So, if you encounter a signup error, sign out of Facebook and create a new Instagram account to resolve the issue.

How To Fix Instagram Sign Up Not Working?

Solution 1: Close Facebook.

If you previously had an Instagram account with Facebook and Facebook is still signed in on the device, the Instagram signup issue may occur. Signing out from your Facebook and creating a new Instagram account may resolve the issue in this case.

  • Log out of Facebook/Messenger on your device.

  • After that, restart your device.

  • Now go to the Instagram signup page and create a new Instagram account (remember to use an unconnected email address with any social site) to see if any problem has been resolved.

Solution 2: Use a Different Device

Suppose your account was banned for violating Instagram’s TOS (for example, posting copyright material), and you are attempting to create a new account on that device. In that case, you may encounter the error described below. In that case, another device may be used to solve the problem. Please remember that you will still be unable to log in to Instagram using the banned device. You can also sign up using the Windows application.

  • Change to another device (if trying to create an account on the phone, then try to use a PC).

  • Now, sign up for an Instagram account to see if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 3: Use a Different Network

If the IP address you have currently assigned to your device was used to post spam, you might encounter an Instagram signup error (especially when using mobile data). In that case, switching to a different network may resolve the issue.

About Instagram

App Instagram
Original authors Kevin Systrom

Mike Krieger

Developers Meta Platforms
Initial release October 6, 2010
Operating system iOS


Fire OS

shoppingmode Microsoft Windows

Size 196.6 MB (iOS)

45.42 MB (Android)

46.5 MB (Fire OS)

Available in 32 languages

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