How To Stay Safe During Elections In Nigeria

How to stay safe during elections in Nigeria can be accessed below.

NewsOnline reports that Nigerians will head to the polls to elect a new leader to replace President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday (tomorrow).

However, violence is one of the recurrent features of the nation’s electoral history and democratic journey. The country invariably witnesses an escalation of violence in the period before, during, and after elections.

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Security agencies are on the watch out for notable hot spots and have also devised strategies to prevent or deter any threats that may mar Saturday’s election.

Here are few tips on how to stay safe during Elections in Nigeria:

  1. Don’t argue unnecessarily about political parties or candidates at the polling unit. Avoid any heated arguments. Cast your vote, and observe quietly at the polling unit.
  2. Be cautious in wearing political parties insignia, logo or emblem to the polling unit: When going out to vote, wear a normal shirt or t-shirt that is not branded with any parties logo or campaign text to avoid attacks from opposition parties, prevent mistaken identity and possible victimization.
  3. Be security conscious – Be aware of your surroundings, don’t be aloof.
  4. Avoid abusive, intemperate, slanderous language or insinuations or innuendos designed or likely to provoke violent reactions or emotions at the polling unit.
  5. Do not engage in any electoral malpractices or allow yourselves to be used as political thugs.

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