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How Accurate Are The Women Templars On Mrs. Davis?

Whether or not female Templars actually fought is another subject that has been debated, with Muslim writers noting that there were women among the infantry and Christian writers asserting that they were only on the battlefield to bring water to the soldiers. Regardless of their active or non-active military roles, women could definitely become Templar members, whether to pray, bring in donations, or help care for the sick.

While Episode 1 of “Mrs. Davis” shows a group of female Templars decimating the soldiers attacking them, the reality is that women probably weren’t involved in much actual fighting. Whether a woman was able to become a Templar in the first place was also dependent on who or where their local order was, with some — such as the Order of the Temple — excluding women altogether and others — such as the Hospital of St. John and the Order of Santiago — having no issue with women. If someone was willing to take the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, they became full members, regardless of sex.

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