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Here's The Story Behind The Cabin In The Woods' Journey To The Big Screen

“The Cabin in the Woods” is Goddard’s love letter to the horror genre. However, the film also brought his personal experience into the story. The Organization’s secret underground facility has a massive role in the movie, as its final act uses it as its setting. Goddard grew up near the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, which served as inspiration for the film’s subterranean setting.

During an interview with Filmmaking Magazine, Goddard talked about how his experience living near such a high-tech science institution stuck with him. “In terms of design, the downstairs –- the Lab –- is very much influenced by my hometown,” Goddard shared. “I grew up in Los Alamos New Mexico, which is where they built the Atomic Bomb. The whole town is just this nuclear research lab, and that’s all it is. That’s pretty much the reason the town exists. So you have this suburban group of people, and all anyone does for a living is make weapons for the government. I wanted to capture that vibe. Those were my friends and my family growing up, who went go out and did that job that was very hard to do.” 

By building a connection between the Los Alamos scientists working on the Manhattan Project with the facility housing countless monstrosities, Goddard added another fascinating layer to the film’s meaning.

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