Helicopter crashed in Iran

Helicopter crashed in Iran

Helicopter Crash in Iran (Helicopter Crash) crashed in the south-central region.

According to reports from foreign news agencies and Iranian media, Iran’s Sports Minister Hamid Sajjadi died in a helicopter crash on Thursday, February 23.

Sajjadi’s brain had bled in the accident. Twelve people including Hamid Sajjadi were on board the helicopter.

The sports minister was rushed to the hospital with injuries, but he could not recover. Officials say the investigation into the helicopter crash is ongoing. Iran’s state news agency IRNA quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the helicopter crashed while trying to land at a sports complex in Shahrbaft, Kerman province.

Earlier, eyewitnesses said that the condition of Wazir Khil is good and he has suffered minor injuries. He has been shifted to the hospital along with other people.

Erna quoted the governor of Kerman, Muhammad Mehdi Fidakar, as saying that the cause of the accident is being investigated.

It should be noted that in January, the European Union imposed sanctions on Minister Khel Hamid Sajjadi in response to Tehran’s crackdown on anti-government protesters.

Protests have been ongoing in Iran since the death of Iranian-born Kurdish woman Mehsamini in police custody in September last year. Guava protests have decreased in intensity.

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