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Halsey on Why She and Sydney Sweeney Haven’t Shot Their Show ‘The Players Table’ Yet

Back in 2020, Halsey fans were overjoyed when they learned that the singer was planning to make their acting debut. The “Ghost” singer revealed that she was planning to collaborate with her good friend, Sydney Sweeney, on a miniseries called The Players Table. However, it’s been 2.5 years since the HBO Max series was announced, and it has yet to be filmed. So what is the reason for the delay?

‘The Players Table’ star Halsey | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.

How Halsey joined ‘The Players Table’ cast

But just how did Halsey get cast in The Players Table without any acting experience? A lot of it is due to her friendship with Sweeney. After Sweeney read They Wish They Were Us (the book that The Players Table is based on) she knew wanted to make a show about it. After acquiring the rights, she thought about how she could make the show as attractive as possible when she was optioning it, and she immediately thought of Halsey. Having worked with the singer on their music video “Graveyard,” Sweeney felt that Halsey had the creative mindset to excel at acting. Furthermore, her friend had expressed interest in acting before, so she felt that The Players Table was the perfect opportunity.

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