Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Not Working, How To Fix Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Not Working Issue?

Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Not Working

Gotham Knights is a game developed by WB Games Montreal and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This game is inspired by the Batman: Gotham Knights comic. This series is based on DC Comics, the famous character Batman and his supporting cast, the game is focused on the characters Nightwings, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood. They attempt to restore justice to Gotham City during a period of decline in the immediate aftermath of Batman’s death. Some players are complaining about Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Not Working. There are no patches or updates to resolve the issue. This error has been reported enough times and is currently being investigated by the team at WB Montreal. 

Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Training Not Working

According to Thenerdstash, you must practice, head into the Belfry, and go into the training. If there is a specific tutorial area for smoke bombs, you can hang out with them. It would be best if you held the button and key but did not press it. Smoke Bombs are the element that is overwhelmed by some enemies, and you must catch them. 

1. In PC: Hold the designated grappling hook key 

2. PS5 device: You have to hold L1

3. Serice X/S platform : You have to hold LB. 

How To Fix Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Not Working Issue?

According to gamesradar, you have to use a Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb which needs to be a nearby ledge that you have to update. This is not the main thing you really needed it. You have to need a grapple button which must be L1 and LB. This thing will throw down a smoke bomb. From this, you can defeat your enemy. This gives players for refocused in this game. This allows you to return to stealth so that you can perform the sneak takedowns. This is very useful because the player can trigger Gotham Knights’ smoke bombs during the combat session. You don’t need to worry about traveling around Gotham city. 

1. The Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb can only be used in combat. 

2. The player can’t use an infinite number of smoke bombs and some suits which are carried only a specific amount before returning to the Belfry to replenish them. 

3. You have to hold down the grapple button and press it to drop a Smoke bomb. 

4. Also smoke bombs cannot be used without grappling, even you can’t just toss one down at your feet and on the ground. 

Gotham Knights 

There are many versions available in this game, that is the Standard Edition includes the game disc theme and instruction manual, the Collector’s Edition version includes the game disc, manual, a bonus disc, a concept art book, and a 5″ Vault Boy version, Bobblehead, all of which is contained in a Vault-Tec lunchbox version. The Collector’s Edition was available in Australia at Gametraders and EB Games; The Limited Edition includes the game disc, manual, and a Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor figurine. The other super characters in this game are Alfred Pennyworth, Police captain Reene Montoya, Bruce’s Uncle and wealthy industrialist Jacob Kane, Aunt Catherine Kane, former CEO Lucius Fox, Noor Rashid, Jada Thompkins, Arturo Rodriguez, Brandon Tsai. 

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