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Good Burger Is The Latest '90s Touchstone Slated For A Legacy Sequel (& We Couldn't Be Happier)

When released in the summer of 1997, few could have expected that “Good Burger” would become a childhood touchstone for an entire generation. While some nostalgic favorites are admittedly better left in the past, a rewatch of “Good Burger” reveals that the film is surprisingly more substantial than your typical fast food order.

The film’s premise sees high schooler Dexter Reed who, after damaging his teacher’s car, works at a local burger joint over the summer to save up money. Along the way, he and fellow Good Burger employee extraordinaire Ed must try and save their restaurant from the devious plans of the newly-opened Mondo Burger across the street. Sure, “Good Burger” is no “Citizen Kane,” but as a light-hearted, looney comedy, the film succeeds with flying colors. 

While the movie does have its hints of drama, the majority of its 95-minute runtime is dedicated to delivering as many off-the-wall antics as possible, mixed in with some surprisingly mature and dark comedy that likely flew over your head as a youngster. Add in a catchy soundtrack, some creative set design, and surprise appearances by such ’90s icons as Sinbad, George Clinton, and Shaquille O’Neal, and it’s no wonder that “Good Burger” remains a cult classic for many. 

But perhaps more than anything, what made the original film work so well — and why the sequel is worth getting hyped over — comes down to two words: Kenan and Kel.

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