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Gilmore Girls: The Best Characters, Ranked

Gilmore Girls, the iconic, perfect Fall-time television show, just celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 5th. Several of the cast members; Melissa McCarthy, Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson took to social media to share special moments from the show. With twenty years since the debut, there have been several memorable moments from the show to look back on, specifically the amount of characters that appeared throughout the series. The show was so successful and well-liked that in 2016, it got a revival on Netflix, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, providing four episodes. It gave fans a sense of closure, as viewers got to catch up with beloved characters, and were able to see how they turned out several years later. Here’s a list of the best characters, ranked.


10/10 Dean Foster

Dean is Rory’s first boyfriend and proves to be a semi-okay character throughout the series. He makes rash decisions; he’s often verbally aggressive to Rory when they fight, likes to pick physical fights with anyone who looks at Rory the wrong way, and ultimately cheats on his wife. He’s not a great boyfriend to Rory when they’re together in the first two seasons, as well as when they get back together. He was never fully supportive of Rory going to an Ivy League college, and often makes it known that he has “old-fashioned” (misogynistic) thinking.

9/10 Logan Huntzberger

Logan is arguably one of the best boyfriends Rory had throughout the series, but he also had his faults. In fact, ScreenRant states that he was one of the worst characters, specifically with how he treated others, especially when it came to Rory. When Rory dropped out of Yale, he wasn’t the one to encourage her to go back. In fact, he was making her comfortable floating around without a plan. He cheated on Rory, and even then, he was able to lie his way out of it, gaining her forgiveness once again. One of the best things he did on the show was basically put Rory in her place when she went on a rant about Logan being privileged, when she was also basically raised the same way.

8/10 Emily Gilmore

Emily is the original Gilmore girl, the mother of Lorelai and grandmother of Rory. She’s extremely wealthy and makes sure everyone knows it, flaunting her wealth, as well as being influential within her community. However, she ranks so low on this list because of her internalized anti-feminism and constant attacks toward Lorelai. It’s no secret that Emily was extremely ashamed that her daughter became pregnant at such a young age, and carried that shame for years and years, even after Rory was all grown up. She redeems herself by being there for Rory, but also has some problematic issues.

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7/10 Jess Mariano

Jess had quite the rocky start on Gilmore Girls, coming into the small town of Stars Hollow against his will and moving in with Luke. He was labeled as the bad boy, and quickly became the ultimate heartthrob for 2000s teens, showing that he could be soft for Rory and no one else. Jess was the one to encourage Rory to go back to Yale when Logan didn’t, pushing her to graduate and continue what she’s been talking about for literal years.

6/10 Paris Geller

From Rory’s first day at Chilton, her and Paris were going head-to-head. They competed against each other throughout high school, and then throughout college when they both went to Yale. Throughout their fights and ridiculous bickering, mostly started by Paris, the two of them form a tight friendship that follows them to adulthood in the revival of the show. MSN states that in a deleted scene that was recently released, Paris was the first member on team Jess. Paris is educated, quick-witted, brash, and unapologetic.

5/10 Sookie St James

Melissa McCarthy was the best decision for character Sookie, best friend to Lorelei and renowned chef. She’s her own person, not hiding in the background as a side character, and has many memorable moments. Sookie is a comedic relief, but also complex with a big heart, caring for Rory since she helped raise her and is always there for Lorelai. She proves throughout each episode that she’s a great wife, friend, and mother.

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4/10 Richard Gilmore

Richard Gilmore was a very wise and level-headed man that was at the forefront of the Gilmore Family. He proved time and time again that his favorite person was Rory, bonding with her over literature and education. He convinces her to go to Yale instead of Harvard, survives a heart attack, and proves to be a dutiful husband to Emily. He manages to fix his relationship with Lorelai before sadly passing away on the show, as well as in real life.

3/10 Rory Gilmore

It might be a surprise that Rory isn’t number one on this list, but she’s not the perfect main character. She has flaws like everyone else on this list, using ableist slurs to describe kids she’s tutoring, cheating with Dean on his wife, and cheating on Logan with Jess. However, she proves to eventually be a good person and a fantastic daughter, not only to Lorelai, but also to Chris, since she never gave up on him. She was human and had her own issues, but also was pure and was the star child of the town.

2/10 Luke Danes

Luke is one of the best characters in this iconic show because of how real he kept it all the time. In the earlier seasons, he was very aware of the fact that he lived in a crazy town, often reminding his neighbors that they lived on stolen land. He often went head-to-head with Taylor, was always available if someone called him for help, and waited for Lorelai. He proved to be the love of her life and wasn’t worried about how long it would take for them to be together; his confidence was admirable. He was a great uncle to Jess and an even better father to April.

1/10 Lorelai Gilmore

Known for talking fast, always having a random pop reference on hand, and drinking copious amounts of coffee, Lorelai Gilmore is an iconic character. Like Rory, she had her round of boyfriends before finally settling in with Luke after years of pining. She was an amazing single mother, proving to her family that she didn’t need an abundance of wealth, as well as a partner to raise Rory. She’s a successful businesswoman and a great friend to everyone in Stars Hollow.

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