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‘Gilmore Girls’: Lorelai Gilmore’s Best Parenting Moments

When Gilmore Girls first aired in 2000, many teen fans wished their mom would be like Lorelai Gilmore. Decades later, the shine has worn off the single mom. After many rewatches, it has become increasingly clear that Lorelai had some serious parental shortcomings and didn’t always steer her daughter in the right direction. Still, Lorelai had some seriously wonderful moments with Rory Gilmore. We’ve collected three of her best parenting moves. 

Lorelai swallowed her pride for her child’s benefit 

Lorelai Gilmore may have been permissive. She definitely spent too much time hyping Rory up. She may not have been equipped emotionally to become a parent when she did. Still, Lorelai did always have her heart in the right place. Lorelai showed off how selfless she could be in the show’s pilot episode. 

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