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‘Gilmore Girls’: In Defense of Christopher Hayden

Gilmore Girls fans largely despise Christopher Hayden. There is good reason for their feelings, too. While Christopher and Lorelai Gilmore had unbelievable chemistry, he was never right for her. Christopher was entitled, prone to temper tantrums, and served as the wedge that kept Lorelai and Luke Danes apart. He was also a terrible father to his daughter, Rory Gilmore. Despite all of that, Christopher’s worst qualities do seem to have an explanation. 

Christopher was always in love with Lorelai but always knew she was too good for him

Many Gilmore Girls fans have taken issue with how Christopher consistently let Lorelai and Rory Gilmore down. Christopher showed up repeatedly, made Lorelai think he was interested in a relationship, and then disappeared when things didn’t go his way, or she rejected the offer of a spontaneous wedding. 

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