Former NFL Star Chad Johnson Leaves $1K Tip At Tennessee IHOP

Former NFL star Chad Johnson leads by example.

With A-list celebrities recently under fire for their treatment of restaurant staff, Johnson left a Tennessee restaurant with an unforgettable tip.

The 44-year-old dined at an IHOP near the University of Tennessee prior to Saturday night’s Kentucky-Tennessee football game, where his bill totaled $14 for his meal.

The former Cincinnatti Bengal said he had never been to the area and left the staff with $1,000, a 7,100 percent tip.

“It’s my first time at the Ville (Knoxville),” Johnson wrote in a note on the check. “I’m going to the game tonight, but I don’t know the number of Rocky Top (sad face).”

“OchoCinco” is no stranger to leaving a larger-than-life tip.

Johnson’s tipping adventures on Twitter date back to February 2019, when he tipped a gracious $100 on an $18.17 check at Bahama Breeze, the Caribbean-themed restaurant chain.

He often left the Bible verse “Proverbs 11:25” with every message.

Sometimes the receipts contained fun messages, such as “Rental increase sucks, this should help, vote Ocho 2024,” which was accompanied by a $2,000 gratuity.

“It’s just something that I always do, no matter where I am, no matter what restaurant or the service, I always take care of those who serve me,” Johnson told The Post last year.

Johnson has been tipping generously for 20 years.
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Other times, Johnson likes to give some life updates, such as one on April 3, 2019, “I lost in FIFA yesterday.” and on two separate occasions exclaiming, “I’m the best FIFA player in the world.”

On almost every receipt, Johnson will write “I Love You” as a token of gratitude, aside from the gigantic tip.


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