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Fear Caused Patrick Wilson To Initially Reject Directing Insidious: The Red Door

James Wan — who has plenty of horror experience, having directed the likes of “Saw” and “The Conjuring” alongside “Insidious” — couldn’t be happier that Patrick Wilson decided to direct “Insidious: The Red Door.” Namely, he cited Wilson’s film expertise as the number one reason why he was perfect for the job.

Via email, Wan told IGN, “I’ve gotten to know Patrick very well over the years of collaboration, and I know what a film buff he is. He is extremely knowledgeable about cinema and its craft. We would geek out over movies all the time in between our setups, and making movie references on set became our shorthand. So it felt right that he was making the transition into directing, and I couldn’t be happier that he’s doing it with the ‘Insidious’ franchise.”

Wilson is in agreement that an “Insidious” film was the right move for his first time taking a stab at directing. He noted that he had always known he could get pulled into directing but that it needed to be a project that he fully believed in. The actor continued, “I wanted to take all these little breadcrumbs that James had left along the way … You’re dealing with a lot of very heavy subjects, but there’s really no better genre to explore that than horror because it really becomes very operatic. That’s what I love about horror.”

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