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Fast X's Second Trailer Highlights Jason Momoa's Villainous Dante Reyes

The latest trailer for “Fast X” reminds fans that Universal, director Louis Leterrier, and the entire cast and crew have no intention of slowing down as the “Fast and Furious” series draws to a close. It gives viewers samplings of the action, the drama, and the reverence for all the films that came before that the feature will pack in. Of course, as any good trailer should, this one provides a bit more context when it comes to the story, building a bit on what the teaser that came before it offered up.

Dom Toretto and his crew have faced threats big and small over the years, taking down all kinds of enemies in missions that range from street-level to world-threatening. However, this time around, their past actions have come around to bite them. Dante Reyes — the son of “Fast Five” villain Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) — seeks revenge on Dom and his allies for the death of his father. With Cipher (Charlize Theron) at his side, it seems that the heroes have an intimidating uphill battle to fight.

“Fast X” will fire up its engine in theaters everywhere on May 19.

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