Farewell to The People’s Governor Ganduje

Surely, we would miss the best man that has governed Kano state with all the seriousness of purpose and gentlemanly conduct. Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje will be quitting the stage when the good people of Kano need him more, given his superlative performance. Since assuming office as governor, Ganduje has been tolerating the nuisance of his political foes who are pretending to defend the people of the state.  

From the very beginning, his political enemies started attacking him up to this time he is rounding off his two-term of eight years constitutional limit. Governor Ganduje became governor after late Muhammad Abubakar Rimi who also tolerated political thugs.

But Ganduje’s tolerance has yielded the desired peace and harmony in Kano state. Seriousness of purpose has manifested in the calmness in running his government. This farewell to Governor Ganduje is not the end of life but for the future, which, we believe something good will come up, by God’s grace.  

Governor Ganduje sleeps well without animosity, which is one of the virtues that makes someone surrender to the will of God. God is there at all times to protect a good leader with such sincerity of purpose. It is not a sing-song but gratifying to see good person who tolerates a highly sophisticated racket of propaganda, lies and hate speech.

Those who refuse to follow this satanic method of “Hitler propaganda” were considered foes. Governor Ganduje has done a lot, the achievements of his administration are enormous, thus writing them would require years to complete. But one can cite the maximum security which his government has maintained within his impactful and fruitful eight years in office.

In fact, Kano state was notorious for its various nightmares especially Maitatsine and some political crises that bedeviled the day-to-day activities of the people of Kano state. But throughout Ganduje’s eight years as the governor, there has been a relative peace – this is the yardstick for assessing any government all over the whole world.

The provision of security statewide has enabled Kano state to attract many Nigerians and even foreigners to the state. This is why Ganduje is said to be the only governor who did all he could to bring a new lease of life to the people of Kano state.

Ganduje will be remembered as the best governor after late Alhaji Audu Bako and Muhammad Abubakar Rimi, may God bless their souls, ameen.

Thank you, The People’s Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. Let Kano, Nigeria have another peaceful eight years ahead.

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,

Chairman, Kano Unity Forum,

Kano, Nigeria



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