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Fans Love Seeing Red And Kitty Back In Action On That '90s Show

A healthy dose of trepidation with any sitcom reboot is to be expected. But it would appear, based on social media reactions, that fans were pleasantly surprised to see Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp still had it when “That ’90s Show” debuted. Kitty is still a delight, and while Red may have mellowed with age, he’s still not above threatening a youngster when they cross him. @MotionlessFiend offered these words of praise, “Red and Kitty still steal the show with every scene they have, but the new kids are good too. It feels almost like the original show. This is a sequel series done right!”

For many viewers, Red and Kitty’s inclusion was a major selling point to returning to Point Place, like @saintjxmmyx, who wrote, “I’m only watching that 90s show for the absolute living legends that are Red and Kitty Forman.” For others, the series was all the better with their inclusion, like @JustRahz stating, “That 90s Show was a lot better than I expected. Red and Kitty carried the show, but honestly I didn’t mind the cast they had. Now I want to re watch That 70s Show.”

Luckily, fans don’t have to say goodbye to Kitty and Red just yet. Netflix renewed the series for a second season, meaning Leia will return to Point Place for another summer to see her grandma and grandpa.

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