Facts About Alex Bregman’s Wife, Reagan Howard, and Their Married Life Together

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Alex Bregman Wife Reagan Howard Is An Enterpreneur

The fact that Reagan Howard is married to Major League Baseball player Alex Bregman has brought her widespread notoriety. Aside from that, she is a level-headed woman who runs a successful clothes business and has a lot of self-confidence.

Shop Exiza is an ethical athleisure firm for women that Howard runs out of Houston with the goal of supporting prolonged mental wellness and promoting activity that feels good. Shop Exiza’s products include activewear, yoga wear, and loungewear.

She launched the business in the summer of 2021 with the goals of sculpting every curve and providing athleisure wear at reasonable prices. The best place to go to browse their selection is on their official website, which can be found at www.shopexiza.com.

Before starting her own company, Reagan worked as a model and in the sales offices of Oracle and Google in Austin. She then went on to build her own company.

In a similar manner, she has worked as a customer enablement specialist and as an enterprise business developer, both of which involve supporting new companies in establishing themselves in the market.

In terms of her education, Reagan completed both her middle school and high school years in the state of Texas in the United States. She attended Texas A&M University and earned a degree in management there, earning outstanding scores throughout her studies.

She was given the position of president of the Panama Global Business Brigades when she was still an undergraduate student. She travelled to Panama with a group of college students in order to participate in volunteer work with small businesses in the area.

On the social media platform Instagram, Reagan may be found posting regularly under the moniker @reaganelizabeth; this account bears the official verification tickmark.

She has over 67 thousand followers on Instagram, and as of the 30th of October, 2022, she has 177 posts on her page. Alex Brennan’s stunning wife is quite famous online.



Life After Marriage for Alex Bregman and Reagan Howard

Alex Bregman and his wife, Reagan Howard, are living the married life to the fullest. After dating for a while, the couple decided to get engaged in January of 2020 in the state of Colorado.

At the conclusion of the year 2020, the couple wed in a small, intimate ceremony that was only attended by members of their closest families and close friends.

On January 7, Reagan posted a snapshot of their wedding to her Instagram account with the remark “Can’t believe this was a month ago.”

They had planned on having an extravagant wedding ceremony, so when they made their reservation at La Cantera Resort & Spa, they paid a sum equal to $80,000.

Because of the widespread COVID-19 outbreak, however, they were forced to call off their December wedding. The couple decided to put off their wedding until the pandemic was over, which meant they had to wait a few months.

Because of the deteriorating circumstances, the couple resolved to get married in a low-key setting. They requested that the amount they had reserved be reimbursed, but the Texas resort declined their request.

Reagan brought a lawsuit against La Cantera Resort and Spa because the resort’s owner demanded an additional $40,000 in compensation for the fact that the ceremony would not be held there.

They were prepared to make the payment for the administrative compensation, but they were unwilling to part with their actual money. Mrs. Bregman was thrust into the limelight as a result of the incident, which captured the attention of the media.

Despite this, the Bregmans recently celebrated their second anniversary as a married couple. On the occasion of their special day, Bregman said in a letter to Reagan that he is thankful to have her as his life partner.

The MLB Star further mentioned that from the time of their first date until the present, he loves Howard more and more each day. Alex claims that his wife has matured more gracefully than he has.

Reagan can’t wait for her husband to play in the World Series, and while Bregman is getting ready to face the Phillies, she can’t help but become thrilled.

The couple was discovered on eBay in December 2021, and they were located at 1665 Westheimer Road in the Houston region at the time.

We may count our blessings that their marriage is getting stronger by the day. It would appear that both of them are encouraging of one another’s professional endeavours.

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Knox Samuel Bregman: Who Is He?

Their son’s name is Knox Samuel Bregman, after Reagan and Alex’s middle names.

Alex Bregman and his wife, Reagan, announced that they were expecting their first child on February 14th, 2022. This will be Alex and Reagan’s first child. On August 1st, the couple became parents to a healthy baby boy whom they named Knox Samuel.

On Instagram, Reagan shared the joyous news with her followers, along with a picture of her husband Alex cradling their new baby boy. According to the information in her article, Knox was born at 7:08 pm; the arrival of their child has brought unending joy into their lives.

Bregman skipped one of his matches in order to be at his wife’s side when she was admitted to the hospital the night of Samuel’s wedding, which took place on a Monday evening. After returning to the field two days later, he conducted an interview during which he commented that the birth of his kid was incredible.

In September 2022, Reagan was seen at seven weeks baseball match with her newborn son Knox in tow, where she was cheering on Alex and the Astros as they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays.

After a fortnight, the ecstatic mother uploaded images of her happy family shot on the field just after the Houston Astros advanced to the American League Championship Series after defeating the Seattle Mariners.

The Bregman couple’s goal had always been to raise a large brood of children. During the time that they were still engaged, Alex revealed that he already had plans to start a family.

In a discussion with ABC13, Reagen revealed that the most difficult difficulty that he has been facing as of late is coordinating his son’s sleep routine with his own due to the late start times of baseball games.

Age Gap Between Alex Bregman and Reagan Howard

The age difference between Alex Bregman and his wife, Reagan Howard, is negligible.

Alex Bregman, who is now 28 years old, was born on March 30th, 1994 in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Samuel and Jackie Bregam, Bregman’s parents, are both successful attorneys in their own right. In the Northeast Heights neighbourhood, he was reared along with his two younger siblings, Jessica and Anthony (A.J.).

As he was growing up, he was a devout follower of Judaism, and he was involved with Congregation Albert. In addition to this, his father, Samuel, was a part owner of the New Mexico Thunderbirds, which compete in the NBA Development League and joined the league in 2006.

On August 26, 2022, Reagan attained the age of 28 years old. In the year 1994, she was born in the city of Mandeville, Louisiana, to her parents, Rachel and Rick Howard.

Reagan Elizabeth Howard is her full name when she was born. Her sign of the zodiac is the Virgo, and her religious affiliation is with the Christian faith. As the only child of her parents, Reagan has admitted that she longs for the joy and companionship that comes with having brothers and sisters in her life.



Meeting Of Alex Bregman and Reagan Howard

The first time Alex Bregman and Reagan Howard crossed paths in Houston was during a group dinner.

During the time that Reagan was employed by Google, she took a road trip to Houston to spend the weekend with her friends there. One of her close pals was seeing Alex’s close friend at the time.

A shared meal was the setting for Reagan and Alex’s first encounter with one another. After some time had passed, the two decided to make plans for a date after three or four days.

At the beginning of the year 2020, Alex Bregman said that he was going to propose to his long-term girlfriend Reagan Howard.

The couple started dating, despite the fact that it appeared to be difficult for them to maintain a long-distance relationship once the baseball league began.

Reagan revealed that he and his partner had both arrived at the conclusion that they were willing to give up certain things in order to make things work.

In the past, she would get up at five in the morning on the weekends to undertake a round-trip commute of three hours each way. The three members of the family currently call Houston their permanent home.


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