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Exclusive: Johnny & Clyde Clip Teases Megan Fox's Demonic Heist Movie

All manner of romance, violence, and heists are teased in this exclusive clip from the upcoming action/slasher/thriller/crime caper Johnny & Clyde. Starring Megan Fox as a twisted mob boss who commands a demonic slayer, Johnny & Clyde (as the title suggests) follows an enraptured couple of misfits as they plan and carry out a barbarous, bloodthirsty cavalcade of crime. Check out the clip from Johnny & Clyde below.

Johnny & Clyde follows the titular Johnny (Jogia) and Clyde (Russell), two serial killers madly in love and on an endless crime spree that sees the couple enact a merciless stream of bloody violence. They set their sights on robbing a casino owned by the crime boss Alana (Fox) and guarded by her demonic warrior.


Directed by Tom DeNucci (Vault, Almost Mercy), written by Tom DeNucci and Nick Principe, and produced by Chad A. Verdi, Michelle Verdi, Chad Verdi Jr., Paul Luba and Nick Koskoff, Johnny & Clyde finds Zombieland: Double Tap and Shaft star Avan Jogia leading the way as Johnny alongside Skate Kitchen and Betty star Ajani Russell as Clyde.

The rest of the cast includes Transformers and Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox as the mob boss and casino owner who just so happens to have a demonic warrior in her charge. The rest of the supporting cast includes Tyson Ritter (Preacher), Bai Ling (Crank: High Voltage, The Crow), Vanessa Angel (Kingpin, Merry Ex-Mas), Robert LaSardo (The Mule), Armen Garo (The Departed), and Brett Azar (Young Rock, Terminator Genisys).

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Johnny & Clyde Is a Unique Approach to the Slasher Genre

Screen Media

The mayhem of Johnny & Clyde is evident in the fact that the movie will attempt to combine several genres, including thriller, action, heist movie, and even slasher. The project is far more than just a slasher movie, according to writer and director Tom DeNucci, who explained how Johnny & Clyde will take a unique approach to the beloved horror genre.

“It’s not a slasher movie, but it does rely on some elements of that,” DeNucci explained recently. “You know, there are really great practical effects done by a guy by the name of Doug Sakmann. We went for reality and practicality versus CGI as much as possible. So those are the things that it shares with the slasher genre. But there are some crime drama elements in there, and it does have kind of a unique approach. But to answer your question … you know, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Everything that was once hot will always come back eventually, for the most part, with any form of entertainment.”

Putting aside obvious comparisons to Bonnie & Clyde, writer Nick Principe has likened the violent escapades of Johnny & Clyde to director Oliver Stone’s crime classic, Natural Born Killers. “Basically, it’s about two psychopaths that are utterly in love. They’ve gone on a kind of Natural Born Killers cross-country crime spree, and they’re kind of finding themselves out of money and out of places to go,” he said. “They end up back at their hometown, trying to make a couple of robberies until they get wind of a very, very big score.”

Johnny & Clyde is scheduled to be released in theaters and on demand on May 5, 2023, courtesy of Screen Media.

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