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Everything Everywhere Directors Daniel Kwan And Daniel Scheinert Tease Two New Films

Before “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” The Daniels had an even more outrageous film with A24 featuring Daniel Radcliffe as a flatulating corpse in “Swiss Army Man.” Their ability to blend absurdity with heavy emotional themes allowed that film and their recent Oscar-nominated hit to sail toward success. With that in mind, it’s both unsurprising and exciting to hear that the notable directors have a fresh slew of projects in the making, as they told Variety. 

“On the movie side, we’re trying to spread out a little bit in different directions,” Daniel Kwan said. “There’s a handful of projects and they’re all very different from each other. I do love when an artist does something that feels very specific and distinct and then their follow-up feels like a pendulum swing.” That rings true for the talented duo as “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is definitely a departure from “Swiss Army Man,” even with its ridiculous hot dog fingers. He continued to explain how the idea for this project came about while editing “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” “While we were editing this movie, we were outlining a very small movie, just like a little love triangle movie that, who knows if we’ll make it, but I’m very excited about it,” Kwan said. “So that’s one project that’s just a pendulum swing, I’ll say.”

Kwan then discussed how another planned project was heavily inspired by “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” and may not feel like as far a swing. He shared his insights and explained, “There’s certain things, characters, or ideas that just didn’t fit into the movie that started to grow into something else. I hope it still feels very different, but it’s going to be cut from the same cloth.” 

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