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A conversation between businessman Zamir Villaverde Y Salatiel Marrufowhen the latter was head of the Cabinet of Advisors of Geiner Alvarado in the Ministry of Housing, reveals how the environment of the president peter castle the designation of positions in the sector was distributed.

Part of the transcript of that dialogue is included in the request for 36 months to prevent Alvarado from leaving the country presented by the Attorney General’s Office, which is investigating him for the crime of criminal organization. According to the document, to which Trade agreed, there are three audios about the conversation between Villaverde, now an effective collaborator of the prosecution, and Marrufo, Housing advisor between August 2021 and August 2022.

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In the excerpt from the document, which only includes what Marrufo said, what appear to be differences about “positions” between him and “Duris”, who would be Durich Whittembury Talledo, secretary general of Housing from August 23 to 29, is described. October 2021.

In its request to prevent Alvarado from leaving the country, the National Prosecutor’s Office included part of the conversation in which Marrufo tells Villaverde about the Housing appointments.

Whittembury was the one who, on October 23 of last year, sent the official letter to the Ministry of Economy and Finance that formalized the presentation of the proposal for Emergency Decree 102-2021. This norm, now questioned, was promulgated on October 29, the same day of his resignation.

me with the minister [Alvarado] we are legs of years […]he put me… I put him…, and the management advances, but Duris is more from Lima, more pituco, more chorado […]. Duris […] has positioned itself, pa, pa, pum, […] I tell him [refiriéndose al ministro] below you there are six posts, four are Duris, these two are mine […] just in case they are mine, they are not yours, I am going to place them”Marrufo tells Villaverde, according to the transcript.

Next, Marrufo describes what ‘Los Chiclayanos’ did, as businessmen Abel Cabrera and Alejandro Sánchez are known, and the mayor of Anguía, José Nenil Medina, part of President Pedro Castillo’s entourage. According to Marrufo and statements from the tax investigations, they decided on key Housing positions.

“I told him: look, Heiner [Geiner] […] that son of a bitch… he doesn’t put my paintings on me, I throw him out with a stroke of the pen […] Abel can’t see him, Nenil can’t see him, Alejandro can’t see him […] the other day he came to Nenil with the position of general secretary and we offered him deputy minister […] still [Cabrera] he is going to impose, he gives it to him as chief of command […] I know that in Housing I am doing that job […] that issue of management by friendship is much stronger than management by imposition”.

From what Marrufo mentioned, for the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation “it follows” that Sánchez, Medina, Cabrera and Marrufo himself “appointed officials in the Ministry of Housing […]and they had the power to appoint and terminate officials within the said ministry.”.


The Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation maintains that the so-called “political bureau”, as ‘Los Chiclayanos’ is also known, “despite not holding any public office” in Housing, “I made decisions both to fill the aforementioned ministry with trusted personnel for the control of hiring […]in order to direct works […] with the consent of Alvarado”.

Regarding the improper appointments, the protected witness TP01-170-2022/AEIDC has stated that “Important positions were filled with people who did not fit the profile”. He mentioned two cases: the appointment of Cynthia Rudas Murga as superintendent of State Assets and that of the general director of Accessibility and Technological Development of Housing. In this last position was Urbelinda Zevallos Flores, appointed on September 17, 2021. Currently, she is a candidate for mayor of Santa Anita for Peru Libre.

Marrufo and Alvarado were also appointed on the recommendation of ‘Los Chiclayanos’. The effective collaborator 02-5D-2FPCEDCF-2022 pointed out that Alejandro Sánchez, owner of the house on the Sarratea passage, “asked” Castillo to “put” Marrufo and Alvarado in Housing. In addition, collaborator 03-2022-EFICCOP indicated that Abel Cabrera recommended Alvarado for Housing. In his statement to the prosecutor on August 4, Alvarado confirmed that he was a minister at Cabrera’s suggestion.

This newspaper tried to communicate with Sánchez, Cabrera and Marrufo to get their version, but they did not respond to the messages.

  • Alvarado was Minister of Housing from July 2021 to August of this year.
  • In August he moved to Transport and Communications. He left this post a few days ago, after Congress censured him.

Environment of Pedro Castillo shared positions in the Ministry of Housing, according to Alvarado’s adviser | POLITICS
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Environment of Pedro Castillo shared positions in the Ministry of Housing, according to Alvarado’s adviser | POLITICS
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Environment of Pedro Castillo shared positions in the Ministry of Housing, according to Alvarado’s adviser | POLITICS
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