Enoki Face Reveal? Has Enoki Revealed His Face?

Enoki Face Reveal

As per pimsio, Enoki revealed his face finally to his loyal and respected viewers when he was during the time of 100-hour Subathon event, which happened on 6th September 2022. The real name of Enoki is Schrodinger Lee, and recently he revealed his face. When he revealed his face, all his fans got surprised and shook his whole fanbase. 

Enoki Biography

Specifications  Details 
Name  Schrodinger Lee 
Another name  Enoki 
Age  20
Nationality  Australian 
Height  5’11”
Net worth  $400,000

Enoki, Aka Schrodinger Lee Family 

As per leedaily, there are no updates about his family, and he has not had any girlfriends, so he is currently single. There is also no update about his parents and his private life. But a follower of his Twitch streamer had mentioned he has her crush, and there are nearly 134,000 subscribers to his Twitch streamer. 

 Enoki, Aka Schrodinger Lee Net Worth 

Usually, most of the general public and the audience are eager to know about celebrities’ fitness freaks, their dieting style, lifestyles, and others. Enoki, Aka Schrodinger Lee’s net worth is estimated at around $400,000 and the source of his income is from his profession, and his monthly income is $50,000 from Twitch itself as per leedaily. 

Enoki, Aka Schrodinger Lee Twitter 

image source: Twitter 

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