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Emily Maynard Johnson Reveals She Never Gets Genetic Testing Done During Pregnancy

As Emily Maynard Johnson able to ask her sixth little one, the earlier Bachelorette had no questions she would cherish her toddler regardless of the remainder.

Maynard Johnson, 36, and husband Tyler Johnson invited son Jones West on Aug. 31, she revealed solely to Individuals. Not prolonged after the conveyance, Maynard Johnson realized that her son was born with Down dysfunction along with a unusual congenital colon abnormality that anticipated a medical course of and a monthlong maintain throughout the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

The former actuality star, who could be mother to Ricki, 17, Jennings, 7, Gibson, 6, Gatlin, 5 and Nola Beauty, 2, with Johnson, shares that she wasn’t educated of the prognosis until it was confirmed by a blood check out after Jones’ introduction to the world.

“We’ve never done any of the hereditary testings,” says Maynard Johnson, who proceeded to share the heartwarming motive she didn’t select the check out.

“You get what you get and you’re going to adore it either way so there’s no sense in worrying about anything because it’s all going to end up actually working and in the end, everything is going to be okay,” she says. “We did the anatomy scans, really look at the heart and brain and two arms, two legs, yet no blood screenings.”

At the aim when Maynard Johnson beforehand realized of Jones’ prognosis, the mother of six says she was “in shock.”

“It was not on my radar at all. And I wouldn’t trust it,” she offers. “I simply wanted to hold him and for everything to be okay.”

Absorbing the reality that her son anticipated to stay throughout the NICU and wouldn’t be home for weeks was “devastating,” says Maynard Johnson. “I was simply grieving all of it and that the experience was so not the same as what I had anticipated. Waking up the following morning hearing all the babies crying down the hallway while I was in the room alone, it hurt to such an extent.”

Maynard Johnson takes pay attention to that her time throughout the NICU, in any case, made her grateful for Jones’ properly being as “there are such countless other diagnoses.”

“I realized this could be such a lot of more regrettable,” she says. “This is nothing. This is euphoric. Everyone that I’ve heard from shares the amount of affection they possess in their hearts.”

“He has the best little grin and I’m simply so invigorated. He’s so charming and he’s the easiest baby,” she offers of Jones.

“I simply realize God is going to see such a lot of good through this sweet baby.” “Especially because we weren’t planning on having a 6th youngster, yet with Jones, our family is finished.”

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