Elon Musk Hires Team To Build ChatGPT Rival, Reclaims Spot As World’s Richest Person

Billionaire businessman, Elon Musk, has begun the process of forming a new research lab with a view to developing an alternative to Open AI’s ChatGPT.

He has approached AI researchers in recent weeks, and has recruited Igor Babuschkin, a former researcher for Google’s parent company, Alphabet, The Information reports.

ChatGPT is a high profile, artificial intelligence chat bot. On command, it can compose music, write essays, computer code, poetry, stories, answer test questions, play simple games like X and O, and a host of others. The ChatGPT app has since set the record for fastest-growing user base, garnering more than 100 million users in 2 months.

Musk has repeatedly criticized OpenAI for its installation of safeguards that prevent ChatGPT from generating content that users might find offensive. He suggested that the technology is an example of “training AI to be woke.”

Musk co-founded Open AI with its current CEO, Sam Altman in 2015 as a non-profit startup, but has since left its board and cut ties with it.

In an interview with The Information, Babuschkin said he and Musk have discussed bringing together a team to pursue AI research but that the project was still in early stages. He added that there are yet no concrete plans to develop specific products.

Musk Is The World’s Richest Man- Again

Meanwhile, the Tesla and Twitter CEO, has regained his title as the world’s richest person, following a rise in Tesla stock prices.

THE WHISTLER reported in December that he lost the top spot to Bernard Arnault, the Chairman and CEO of French luxury conglomerate, LVMH Moeti Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

Arnault held on to the position for just over 2 months, however as of Monday after the stock market closed, Musk’s wealth had climbed to about $187.1 billion while Arnault’s fortune sits at $185.3 billion.

Prices of Tesla shares suffered a huge plunge last year, almost half of the value, partially due to the expedited sale of shares which Musk carried out to finance his Twitter acquisition.

Musk also holds the record for the biggest fortune ever lost, when he lost a whopping $200 billion last year when his wealth slipped from $340 billion to $137 billion.

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