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Do Kai and Amelia Break Up? Did E.R. Fightmaster Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

The eighteenth season of ABC’s medical series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ sees the introduction of Kai Bartley, a neuroscientist doing stem cell research. They meet Amelia Shepherd and Meredith Grey when the duo has been trying to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Kai and Amelia eventually get together although the former mostly lives and works away from Seattle. Kai surprises Amelia in the fourteenth episode of the nineteenth season by visiting her. While Amelia finds happiness and comfort in Kai during a tough phase, the latter stuns the former with a significant revelation that threatens their togetherness. So, do they break up? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Kai and Amelia Break Up?

Yes, Kai and Amelia break up. In the nineteenth season of the show, both Meredith Grey and Maggie Pierce decide to leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to move to Boston and Chicago respectively. Amelia is sad that Maggie is leaving her before she has come to terms with Meredith’s absence, only for her to seek comfort in her partner Kai, who arrives in Seattle for a surprise visit. Amelia lets Kai know that the latter’s presence is helping her deal with a tough phase of her life since some of the most important people in her life left or are leaving her. Meanwhile, Kai reveals to Amelia that they are asked to open a lab in London.

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When Amelia wonders whether Kai will leave for London, the latter adds that they had already accepted the offer. Kai loves Amelia but the opportunity is too good for them to not accept the same, especially since it offered them triple the size and staff to make progress in her work. Amelia had to deal with many of her loved ones abandoning her, either by dying or leaving her. When she realizes that her partner accepted a job offer thousands and thousands of miles away from her without even having a conversation about the same, Amelia thinks that Kai is abandoning her as well.

Kai justifies deciding to accept the job offer on her own by telling Amelia that she has only prioritized herself in her life. They are sad that Amelia doesn’t even care about the opportunities they will get to grow professionally and make progress academically, which leads them to part ways with the latter. Amelia doesn’t have a choice other than accepting Kai’s decision and their separation. Since Kai and Amelia break up, the viewers must be wondering whether we have seen the last of E.R. Fightmaster in the medical drama. Well, let’s see.

Did E.R. Fightmaster Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

As of now, neither ABC nor E.R. Fightmaster has formally announced the departure of the performer from ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ However, Kai’s decision to leave for London indicates that E.R. is most likely leaving the medical drama. E.R.’s exit may not be a surprise for the viewers of the show since their limited appearance in the nineteenth episode of the show. Prior to the fourteenth and fifteenth episodes of the season, E.R. has only featured in three episodes of the installment, that too for a severely limited screen time. Since Kai’s presence is not a highly significant part of Amelia’s storyline in the season, E.R.’s possible exit doesn’t fail to make sense.

Image Credit: E.R. Fightmaster/Twitter

Having said that, we may not have seen the last of E.R. in the medical drama. Even if Kai completes her move to London, they can make amends with Amelia for them to get back together and remain in a long-distance relationship. Even when Kai breaks up with Amelia, they let their partner know that they love her, which further makes it clear that their reunion isn’t an impossibility. If that’s the case, E.R. may return to the medical drama in guest capacities.

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