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Disappointing Lines That Ruined Entire Movies

As entertaining as MCU movies are, they also feature some atrocious, eye-rolling dialogue. Sometimes, in an effort to provide quick quips, the films suffer as a result. Case in point: “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” While the movie features decent one-liners and genuine moments of levity, there is a single line that turns Doctor Strange into a bona fide doofus.

Now, remember, he is the former Sorcerer Supreme. Someone who knows about the multiverse, magic, and probably Mephisto, too. Yet, when Baron Mordo tells him the Illuminati will see him, his instinctual reply is, “The Illum-what-i?” Seriously, how does Doctor Strange not even know about the concept of the Illuminati? Maybe he might not know all the members, or what purpose it serves on this Earth, but there’s no way it’s a foreign term for him here. He even knows all about the Fantastic Four — and they hadn’t even debuted in the MCU — but he has no clue about a secret society? Sure.

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