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Did Bram stoker have grandchildren

On November 8, 1847, Abraham (Bram) Stoker was born in Clontarf, Ireland, which on the time was a most well-liked trip spot previous Dublin.

He was the third of the seven kids born to Abraham Stoker, Sr. moreover, Charlotte Thornley Stoker. Kin Matilda was one 12 months further established than him, brother Thomas was two years youthful, brother Richard Nugent was 4 years youthful, sister Margaret was six years youthful, and brother George was seven years youthful.

His brother William Thornley was two years further established than him. Bram was so exceptionally sick as a youth that he spent most of his preliminary seven years in mattress, was dependent upon blood draining, and was presumably not anticipated to get by. He invested a considerable quantity of this vitality listening to his mom’s tales and watching the existence of his family and neighbors from the window of his room.

Bram had his very private offspring. On 31 December 1879, Bram and Florence’s lone baby was born, a toddler whom they initiated Irving Noel Thornley Stoker.

Noel Thornley likewise had a baby, a youthful lady named Ann Stoker. Ann is the precept grandkid of Bram stoker.

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