Deaths reported as drunk Prado driver rams into Matatu in Kamakis. in

UKTN were shocked on the morning of Sunday, October 30, by a viral clip in which a drunk driver allegedly led to the deaths of six people.

The clip shows how a number of bystanders accuse the driver of hitting a matatu while driving under the influence, which resulted in death.

The accident occurred along the Eastern Beltway near Kamakis in Nairobi County.

It also showed that one of the vehicles involved in the incident had turned upside down while the front of the 14-seater matatu was left in the wreckage.

Wreckage of a tuk-tuk left behind after crashing at Kamakis.


Reports further indicated that an 11-year-old child was among those killed.

Witnesses told the press that the Prado also hit two bystanders near the accident site before stopping next to a car wash.

UKTN later expressed their anger online at the driver, who has since been arrested, and called for stricter measures against drink-driving.

Some called for more bumps along the highway, while some demanded that those who cause death while driving under the influence should be treated as murderers.

“I have said repeatedly that the Kamakis bypass needs bumps and underpasses, otherwise the way the curves are designed is a death trap, the contractor almost leaves the site,” argued Gideon.

“It’s about time the government shut down some naughty club tents in Kamakis. This man from Prado escaped death but killed six in a tuk-tuk when he hit him from behind,” added Kiarie Kenneth.

Police spokesman Bruno Shioso noted that police had opened an investigation into the incident as the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) launched an investigation into the matter.

According to a report released by the NTSA in September, there have been more than 3,000 fatalities on Kenya’s roads since January 2022.

In June, the NTSA decided to implement the Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS) to combat Kenya’s high accident rate.

According to the safety authority, the system would help police officers collect information about traffic violations and then take action on it.

Traffic police officers stop motorists at a checkpoint.


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