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Deadliest Catch's Johnathan Hillstrand Stresses The Importance Of Eating While On Board

During a behind-the-scenes interview with KOOL 101.7, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand spoke about the enormous amount of food he packs on board his F/V Time Bandit, emphasizing that he and his crew need to eat well to perform their jobs.

“We go out of control … if I don’t make any money I want to eat good,” Hillstrand said. “My boat eats good. And if your guys don’t eat they get worthless and weak. I mean, you just get run down.” Hillstrand went on to reference how the crew already isn’t getting enough sleep, so he decided that they would have more than enough to eat. Although it might seem like common sense, Hillstrand’s comments make it clear that eating enough food is an absolutely crucial part of keeping the crew in top condition, and something he makes sure to prepare for every time they set out.

In any case, it’s clear that Johnathan Hillstrand is deathly serious about his crew’s eating habits and health, and perhaps fans ought to keep an eye out for the Time Bandit’s fridge to see exactly how much food the crew is packing for each voyage

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