D.L. Hughley’s Eldest Daughter Opens Up About Mending ‘Tumultuous’ Relationship With Her Father

D.L. Hughley’s eldest daughter Ryan Shepard is opening up about her “tumultuous” relationship with her father. As well as how the two moved past their challenges and mended their bond.

Ryan Shepard Shares How Her Daughter Has Impacted Her Relationship With Her Father

Shepard took to Instagram on March 10 and shared a short video of her father and her daughter Nola warmly interacting with one another. In the video’s caption, she recalled that she and her father had a “tumultuous” relationship.

“I’ve never publicly spoken about the fact that until very recently, my dad and I had a fairly tumultuous relationship. I thought I’d gotten myself to a place where I decided that I’d stop getting my hopes up that things would ever get better and just accepted what was.”

However, the birth of her daughter allowed them to forge “a deeper connection.”

“And then, everything changed. Initially, we forged a deeper connection over Nola. But then, my dad stopped calling just to see her and started calling to check on me…”

Shepard went on to explain that watching the relationship between her father and her daughter has been “healing parts of the little girl” inside her.

“I’ve found myself in a space I thought I’d made peace with not being in. But now that we’re here, my heart is so full. I’m a late blooming daddy’s girl and watching the relationship grow between Him (lol) and Nola keeps healing parts of the little girl in me that I thought I’d given up on.”

Additionally, she went on to share some words of encouragement to anyone else dealing with a difficult relationship with their parent.

“If you’ve found yourself in a difficult relationship with a parent, know that even if you can’t see it, it can get better.”

Shepard Has Previously Shared Details About Her Relationship With Her Father

Shepard is the founder of Brown Sugar + Bourbon and frequently takes to social media to share delicious, healthy recipes. As well as tips for mothers in postpartum. The wife, and mother of one, has taken to Instagram various times in the past years to reflect on the growth of her relationship with her father.

One post was made in October 2022.

“100% recommend becoming best friends with your parents as an adult. Top tier fun @realdlhughley”

Shepard shared another post back in June 2021 and explained that she and her father “fought hard” for the relationship they have today.

“There was a time in our not so distant past that I didn’t think that a picture like this, of me nursing my daughter while you sat beside me, was possible. We’ve fought hard for where we are today…”

She admitted that she has been hard on her father. But becoming a mother has given her “more grace” for Hughley and their relationship.

“I’ve never been easy on you. I’ve demanded that you be more, sooner, quicker, better than you were ready to be… Being a mother now… has given me so much more grace for you, and us and our relationship.

When I look at this picture my heart just swells. I see a father still covering his daughter while she mothers. I see a man loving his little girl the way she’s always wanted to be loved by him. I see you showing up for me in all the ways that count. You’ve never been more emotionally or physically available than you are now and it’s the most unexpected joy of my life.”

Shepard hasn’t publicly revealed the exact reason why her and D.L. Hughley’s relationship was “tumultuous” and faced its challenges. However, the above post from her may lead some viewers to assume that Hughley’s emotional or physical availability could have negatively impacted their relationship.

More About D.L. Hughley & His Relation With His Children

Hughley also is the father of a son, Kyle Hughley, and a daughter, Tyler Hughley. The comedian opened up about his son Kyle’s diagnosis of Asperger’s disease in a 2015 episode of ‘Where Are They Now’ on OWN.

“He goes to work at the same time. He eats the same thing.”

But despite the challenge, his son has made strides, forging a career in amateur fighting.

Hughley’s daughter Tyler has also shared milestone moments with her father via social media.

Furthermore, Hughley and his wife LaDonna, the mother of his three children, just celebrated their 37th anniversary.

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