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CSI: Miami Can't Catch A Break Among Fans Of The Franchise

Fans of the “CSI” franchise on Reddit pretty much all seem to agree which installment is the worst between “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “CSI: Vegas,” “CSI: NY,” and “CSI: Miami.” Many marked the David Caruso-led “CSI: Miami” as the bottom-ranking series, and his character, Horatio “H” Caine, is the reason behind some of the hate. Users also thought the show tested their suspension of disbelief. Reddit user u/DarkMatterLuigi started a thread in which they asked which “CSI” spin-off other users preferred.

They said, “The stories in ‘New York’ and the wrap up for most of the cases seems to be less far fetched then with ‘Miami.'” They continued criticizing the endings of “CSI: Miami” cases, “It just seems like there are some episodes where the wrap ups are a bit idiotic for my taste.” u/doritomilkshake responded with their preferred order, “I would rank them OG ‘CSI’ > ‘NY’ > ‘Miami.'”

Poster u/AudreyGolightly79 spoke against David Caruso’s character, “YES! I can’t STAND ‘Miami.’ Just the sound of Horatio is enough to rank ‘Miami’ last.” u/MajesticVegetable202 said that they preferred “NY” over “Miami” in terms of spin-offs, especially after Caine became boring as a character. The original poster, u/DarkMatterLuigi, responded to this comment and said, “I also just don’t get why at every possible chance he gets … he has to put shades on and look cool in front of the camera. His one liners before the intro are nowhere near as funny as when Grissom [from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”] does his one liners.”

Indeed, Caruso’s acting style has been spoofed all over pop culture, including getting roasted by Jim Carrey and on “Supernatural.” But interestingly, not one poster mentioned 2015’s “CSI: Cyber” in any of their comparisons, so that spin-off appears to be largely forgotten.

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