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Cruz Beckham Id Magazine

Cruz Beckham Id Magazine: Cruz Beckham on turning 18 and embarking on a musical career. There is a lot of graffiti on the walls of buildings in Wynwood, Miami, from artists including Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey, and Lady Aiko. Cruz Beckham believes that “all of that Artwork has a purpose.” There, he takes pictures and skates with pals while fostering ideas for the music he hopes to one day release.

Cruz Beckham Id Magazine

Teenagers all around the world are familiar with this point of view and set of activities. It’s a unique situation for Cruz, who is the son of two of the world’s most renowned individuals, but it also provides him with a wealth of opportunities and challenges. Cruz has made the recording studios of Miami, Los Angeles, and London his second home in recent years, a place where he is beginning his own journey as a young artist. While many youngsters play out their ambitions in their beds, Cruz, who is sixteen at the time of the publication of the journal, is beginning to take tentative steps toward adulthood as an artist, and like many teenagers, he feels older than his years.

From the minute he was born, he’s seen the world fall apart around his parents on magazine covers, at fashion week, and on the pitch. Because, as you know, he was destined to follow in the footsteps of his heroes. In the month of January, on a freezing Saturday night. Our call is answered by Cruz from Oxfordshire in England, where he spends most of his time. It’s hard to tell if this is an image of him in a Givenchy-Chito sweatshirt, but it’s clear that he’s looking every bit at the e-boy in an unrevealing stone backdrop. For the length of our chat, he keeps his hood up as a sort of defense mechanism.

Face-to-Face Chat with a Stranger

He may have lived his entire life in the shadows of fame, but this is one of the rare times he’s had a face-to-face chat with a stranger. Steven Klein took a picture of Cruz posing in front of him in a studio in New York City just a few weeks ago, paying tribute to a picture of his father taken two decades earlier before he was even born. It’s a coming-of-age moment, and it’s on the front of this magazine right now.

“It was my first proper shot ever!” he exclaims. Because of his anxiousness, he repeats things in an endearing manner. “It was a lot of fun.” Is he confident that he’s found his distinctive smirk yet? It’s been a long time coming. “Yeah, I guess so!” My mother often snaps hundreds of photos on our vacations! An off-camera chuckle is audible. This is “very frustrating,” he quipped, “but I think that has taught me a great deal!”

Cruz’s desire to carve out a place for himself on stage began to take shape in 2008 when he was just three years old. At New York’s Madison Square Garden, Cruz emerged from behind the curtain into the sights of 20,000 people, where his mother’s band, the Spice Girls, had made a stop on their world tour. This is something I can laugh at now since I was doing crazy things like spinning my head around. There are still videos of it online. According to Victoria: “We’ve been overshadowed…. Brooklyn, Brooklyn’s younger brother, is a fan of his charismatic demeanor: He describes him as having a “spirit like no other.” “He’s so charismatic that he can fill a room with his presence.”

Cruz Beckham Id Magazine
Cruz Beckham Id Magazine

Growing up, his family’s stereo played a wide variety of music, from the Stone Roses (“I went to one of their reunions shows in Manchester”) and Oasis to Mariah Carey and R&B, exposing him to a wide range of styles. But it wasn’t until his parents heard him belting out Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” in the car that they realized he could make a profession out of singing. In those days, I was just a baby. I was able to sing that high since my voice hadn’t yet grown.” Since then, he’s tried, but his octaves have dwindled.

Recalling the Experience

As a result, I spent years trying to understand the world creatively and personally. “I thought I’d like to play football, and I even got a contract with Arsenal,” he says, recalling the experience. He kept returning to music, though, because it reminded him of his first love. Then I made the decision: “This is exactly what I want to do.” As an eleven-year-old, Cruz made his first studio appearance, working with one of the most successful producers in American pop: Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, who has worked with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber. He reflects fondly on his first recording experience, recalling how his mother accompanied him to the studio.

After that, he released a Christmas song that generated a lot of media attention, but this kind of story feels like it belongs in his past. More than the song itself, he cherishes his studio time, as if those first steps were of greater significance. During filming, Rodney and Cruz would play together, and the two of them became close friends. Having the opportunity to meet everyone for the first time was a wonderful experience. Controversy erupted over Cruz Beckham’s shirtless magazine cover: “He was 16 at the time.”

“Cruz Beckham has learned from a very young age that controversy, bad taste, and controversies generate exposure and that guarantees a strong media presence (for at least a short time),” they stated on Twitter. In order to get his music career off the ground, “it’s all about getting him noticed.” Beckham says in the magazine that he was initially tempted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a soccer player, but he finally decided to pursue a career in music.

Beyonce and Oasis have been cited as influences by the teenager, who has spent time in the studio working with producers and honed his musical skills in the process. According to him, he even learned to play the mandolin for one of his original compositions. You never stop learning, but I’m taking my time to see what happens..”

Controversy has surrounded Beckham’s first Magazine Cover

Beckham’s son, Brooklyn, was on Monday’s cover of an i-D magazine, sporting a pink hairstyle and posing shirtless with his pants down. As part of a “coming of age” photoshoot—his first for a magazine cover—Beckham, who turned 17 on Feb. 20, chatted with the magazine about the beginning of his music career. A number of individuals took to social media to express their displeasure with the magazine’s decision to display the teen model shirtless.

Cruz Beckham Id Magazine
Cruz Beckham Id Magazine

“This is cringeworthy and inappropriate in every way,” a disgruntled Instagram user remarked. “A 17-year-old boy stripped to his underwear has zero appeal to the general public. When you stop and think about it, it’s actually pretty disgusting and extremely alarming. This publication and his parents should never have given the go-ahead for this. There would be no doubt if this were a 17-year-old female. People would be infuriated by the idea of this. The same should hold true in this instance as well.” “Does everyone agree that Cruz Beckham standing in his underpants on the front cover of Vogue at the age of sixteen is perfectly normal? A 16-year-old female, on the other hand “Yet another tweet was sent out.

No, Cruz Beckham is not the only one who has a problem with him getting down to his boxers and posing for a magazine cover in his underwear. A second Twitter user added their thoughts. As a 16-year-old boy, how is it socially appropriate for Cruz Beckham to pose for photos while wearing only his underpants, grasping his buttock, and openly displaying his tattoos? wrote a second one. “He’s only a kid,” his mother explained. Some people suspected that the cover was part of a media campaign to boost Beckham’s profile.

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