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Courteney Cox Convinced Scream's Wes Craven To Hire Her With A Persuasive Letter

“I really had to do some persuading to get the part, because most people think of me as the studious type or I play a doctor, but they didn’t really see me as a b****,” Courteney Cox said. “So I had to try really hard to get this part.” In her quest to make Wes Craven hire her for the role of ruthless newswoman Gale Weathers, Cox wrote him a letter, telling him “I know that you don’t think of me as this person, but trust me, I really can be an absolute b****,'” she recalls to Variety.

Her lobbying obviously worked, and while we know others were in the running, such as Janeane Garofalo, who turned down the iconic horror movie role to star in “Sweethearts,” Cox has now played the role for three decades. With longtime “Scream” survivor Neve Campbell opting out of the next film, fans are hanging on for dear life to Gale, the last one remaining from the original. But after the “Scream 6” trailer shows Ghostface attacking her, fans are worried that Gale won’t live to see “Scream 7.” As for Cox, whether she’s doing comedy or horror, she feels she couldn’t be doing any better. “There’s just something about the confidence of time, of doing something so long, I probably love it more now than I ever have.”

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