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Champions' Kaitlin Olson Loved Trying To Make Co-Star Woody Harrelson Break Character – Exclusive

In our interview, Kaitlin Olson opened up about the joys of starring alongside Woody Harrelson in the project. Working with him was “amazing; he’s a perfect scene partner,” she explained. “He’s such a tremendous actor; I have so much respect for his acting.”

Working with Harrelson was also a novel experience for Olson. “I had never met him before, so I didn’t know what to expect,” she clarified. Fortunately, finally meeting him during the production of “Champions” was a great experience for her, as he “was so kind and lovely and silly.” The pair hit it off swimmingly, surely benefitting their chemistry in the final film. “We really like each other in real life, which is very helpful,” she said. “[It] kind of feels like cheating, but we actually really like each other.”

The one downside of having a pair of actors get along so easily — at least for directors keeping tight sets and schedules — is that they may have too much fun trying to break each other’s focus on set. Such was true on the set of “Champions.” “I loved making him laugh,” Olson admitted. She couldn’t help it. “He’s one of those people you could tell was ready for you to make him laugh,” she confirmed, noting, “Making him laugh in scenes was really funny. Trying to make him break on camera was super fun.” 

It makes for believable chemistry on screen — and certainly, a host of potential outtakes.

“Champions” is now playing in theaters.

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