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Cardano price takes the lead in crypto top 10, Pepe in the top 100

The crypto market prepared for volatility after the FOMC meeting yesterday, but it remained remarkably calm. Although the majority of the top 100 turns green, this is only a few percent for most rates. There are, of course, some exceptions, as a result of which the total market capitalization of crypto rises by 1.5% to $1.245 trillion.

Bitcoin back above $29,000

Bitcoin (BTC) made a short swing after the US Federal Reserve interest rate decision and then recovered back above USD 29,000. For the time being, bitcoin manages to hold its own above this and, with a price of $29,090, is currently up 1.5% today. Meanwhile, the banking crisis seems to be getting worse.

Ethereum back above USD 1,900

Ethereum (ETH) recovered a little stronger this time, recaptured $1,900 last night and is holding just above it for the time being. With a price of $1,902, ETH is up 1.8% today. However, cryptoquant analyst Mac D warns that the ether market is overheating, characterized by a large number of failed trades, and that could lead to a price correction. The analysts of Crypto Insiders also warn about this.

Cardano fastest climber in crypto top 10 today

The rest of the top 10 also turns a cautious green. However, Ripple (XRP) made a sharp drop before the increase, so that it is only 0.1% up at $0.46 today. Binance (BNB) is holding above USD 326 for now and is up 1.1%. For polkadot (DOT) that is the $ 5.75 with which the price is also 1.1% in the plus. Dogecoin (DOGE) briefly peaked above $0.08 last night, but is now falling to $0.0792, putting the price up 1.2%.

Polygon (MATIC) is currently struggling to hold on to $1, but is already up 1.5%. Solana (SOL) may be losing traction at $22.3 right now but is still up 1.7%. Cardano (ADA) rose the most in the past 24 among the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies. The ADA price is currently seeking grip at $0.392 and is therefore up 2%.

Sui hardest faller crypto top 100

We don’t have many rates in the red today and for most currencies it’s less than 2%. However, Stacks (STX) is already down 3.1% to $0.78 and radix (RDX) even loses 7.7% of its value to $0.085.

Then we have sui (SUI), a new altcoin that made its debut on the major exchanges yesterday. After listing, however, the price fell by 70% and has not yet recovered from this. Still, SUI ranks in the top 100 at position 67 with a market cap of $733 billion.

Pepe hardest climber crypto top 100

On the green side of the top 100 today we find curve (CRV), internet computer (ICP), render (RNDR) and flow (FLOW) up about 5%. Fantom (FTM) and rocket pool (RPL) are already up more than 7%. Kaspa (KAS) is up almost 12% and rising to $0.0295. Woo network (WOO) is even up 12.2% and rises to $0.293. With that, WOO just enters the top 100 again.

Finally, we again have Pepe (PEPE), the new infamous memecoin, as the fastest riser from the top 100. The PEPE price rises by 25.5% to $0.00000127 and is now almost 480% up compared to a week ago .

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