BREAKING: Newly-Leaked Tucker Clip Shows Host Slamming “Slimy” Dominion Lawyer, Laughing With Employees

Another clip of Tucker Carlson – leaked to far-left ‘watchdog’ Media Matters for America – shows the host laughing along with his employees and slamming the lawyer from Dominion Voting Systems who questioned him during a grueling, 10-hour deposition.

“Well that was a week, I’ll say,” Carlson says in the clip before unleashing his trademark laugh. “Holy shit… 10 hours.”

“That slimy little motherf****r sitting across from me,” he continued, referring to the lawyer.

“That guy … he triggered the shit out of me,” Carlson said, “Unbelievable… suggesting that I was cheating on my taxes?”

Posting the clip to Twitter, conservative influencer ALX concurred with most on the right, saying the video only made Carlson seem funnier and more human.


This newest clip is the latest and longest in a string of videos released by Media Matters. Many have speculated that Fox News is dropping the footage to the company, which is peculiar considering the organization has made Fox its sworn enemy over the years.

So far, the videos meant to expose Carlson have only shown how human – and hilarious – the cable legend really is off-camera.

Earlier this week, Media Matters released another video showing Carlson hilariously giving the middle finger to… Media Matters.

Another clip shows Carlson slamming Fox Nation, the Murdoch-owned corporation’s streaming service, which he suggests the company has neglected. He also said Fox was forcing him and his team to grind out mass amounts of content for the platform.

“I don’t want to be a slave to Fox Nation,” Carlson said.

Watch that clip here.

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