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Avimee Herbal on Shark Tank India owner, revenue, valuation, hair oil, shampoo and products, net worth

Ayurvedic-based startup Avimee Herbal was recently featured on Shark Tank India 2, find out more about the company at its experience on the show and the owner

Shark Tank India season 2 is going beyond our expectations by every time featuring something new. The show is showcasing some exclusive startup ideas from different walks of life.

While the majority of the contestants who were featured on the show are young and energetic, the show recently features a startup that was started by old age with a lot of enthusiasm. Definitely, the founder has proved that there is no age limit for starting any business.

Despite not getting investment, the Ayurveda-based brand has generated a lot of buzz as the whole startup is based on the knowledge of the founder. However, even after this, he doesn’t have any stakes in the firm.

So, let’s find out everything about Avimee Herbal.

Avimee Herbal on Shark Tank India owner, revenue, valuation, hair oil, shampoo and products, net worth in 2023

More about Avimee Herbal

The company Avimee Herbal was founded with the idea of fusing modern treatment with ancient Ayurvedic expertise.

The firm has launched many products hope that combine cutting-edge medications with extensive and seasoned Ayurvedic herbs.

86-year-old RK Choudhary is the main force behind this business and the founder of the whole firm. Since his early years, he has been an enthusiastic researcher and Ayurveda fan. He had such a strong interest in Ayurveda that he would turn to it for any medical issues. He thought that the bulk of medical issues could be permanently resolved through Ayurveda.

It’s interesting to note that he possessed over 2500 Ayurvedic literature in his private library in Bhagalpur, Bihar. In order to discover a remedy for his wife Shakuntala Devi’s complications due to diabetes and foot soreness, he created the Ortho CP Massage Oil, a miraculous massage oil that relieved Naniji with her foot pain.

The production is managed by his daughter Vinita Agarwal and her mother. The entire company planning has been done by chartered accountant Siddhant Agarwal. The company’s marketing is overseen by co-founder Ambika Agarwal. Vibhor Agarwal, another co-founder, manages the day-to-day operations.

Over 25,0,000 orders have been delivered by Avimee Herbal so far. Over 80% of customers are pleased with their goods.

Its experience on Shark Tank India

A joint family entered Shark Tank India and offered $1 million for 0.5% of their business. They put forth an idea that originated in their house. The business was founded by an 86-year-old man with just two goods, and it currently offers 25 different ones.

The old man’s foresight to start at this age amazed the sharks. That’s why sharks applauded him. Shark Amit touched the old man’s foot and remarked that it made him think of his grandfather.

Sharks did not, however, make any deals with them.

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