Atiku to Nigerians: Disregard fake audio about me, Okowa, Tambuwal

 Leon Usigbe


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on Nigerians and the International Community to utterly disregard the simulated audio recording purported to be the voices of its Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar, his running mate, Ifeanyi Okowa and Director-General of the Presidential Campaign Council, Governor Aminu

According to a statement issued on Friday by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Debo Ologunagba, the fake audio recording is part of the “reprehensive, repulsive and foul design of the APC which has recruited hackers to produce and circulate fake media materials to demonize the PDP and our Candidate before Nigerians ahead of the election.”

The statement added: From the manipulated sound speed and pitch, it is clear that the recording was computer created and simulated to blackmail our leaders and deceive unsuspecting members of the public.

“It is laughable for the APC to want Nigerians to believe that Atiku Abubakar, Gov Okowa and Gov Tambuwal who know themselves, can be called their names in a conversation as heard in the fake audio recording. Such further betrays the recording as an amateur simulation work.

“Moreover, the APC has failed in this attempt to fool Nigerians by using Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to clone and mimic the voices of our leaders as Nigerians are smart enough to detect the distorted waveforms and sound pitch that typify an Artificial Intelligence simulated speech.

“The fact is that no matter how hard falsehood attempts to thrive, the truth will always prevail. The APC has shown again how low it can descend with deceit, fabrications and lies to deceive Nigerians who are jittery about the elections given the hardship they have caused Nigerians in the last seven and a half years.

“In any case, our Party and our Presidential Candidate are ready for the elections. The tide of support by the overwhelming majority of Nigerians is clear and we will not be deterred or distracted by the manipulations of the rejected and fizzling APC.”

The PDP charged the security agencies to take note of the activities of the APC, take urgent steps to track down the makers of this fake audio material and make them face the wrath of the law.

It also urged Nigerians to remain focused and not be distracted in their determination to rescue our nation at this critical time.



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