Arizona’s scary 18 cases of voter harassment include ‘camouflaged’ men, people in bushes

Details have been released by the Arizona Secretary of State about documenting “men clad in camouflage” and vigilante “watchers” hiding in bushes to guard state ballot boxes ahead of the midterm elections, sparking complaints of harassment from voters.

On Friday, a spokesman for the Arizona Secretary of State’s office released a collection of complaints describing voters coming into contact with vigilantes. The everyday beast receive copies of the complaints.

The documents contain claims that men in camouflage clothing were spying on voters through binoculars and that others were taking pictures of their license plates. A complaint alleged that a viewer called voters “mules,” likely a reference to right-wing filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s widely debunked film “2,000 mules,” which alleges a group of “mules” illegally placed ballots in drop boxes across the state. of the state to steal Donald Trump’s 2020 election.

“I have never been so intimidated in my life tring [sic] to vote and stand just 1 meter away from the box,” one complaint read [they] do I have my information will they come to my house… Should I now worry about my family being killed if the results are not what they wanted?”

Arizona law requires voters and observers to stay more than 75 feet away from a voting location, although many complaints to the state suggest the rule was being violated.

The Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans tried to sue one of the organizations deploying the observers, Clean Elections USA, to stop the observers, but a U.S. district court judge ruled against them in late October, saying any injunction would violate with the First Amendment.

The judge, Michael Liburdi, is a Trump-appointed member of the conservative Federalist Society.

“Plaintiffs have not provided the court with any evidence that defendants’ conduct poses a real threat,” the judge wrote. “On this file, the defendants have not made any statements threatening to use unlawful violence against any particular person or group of persons.”

However, at least one email in the Secretary of State’s treasury contains a threatening email addressed to “ALL corrupt and treasonous government officials”.

“If you C*** Lickers continue to f*** with the integrity of the election, I guarantee you, We the People will remove you from office… Besides, if you own a house…. We will find you through the tax advisors Website… Do you remember the French Revolution of 1799?” read the email.

In light of the new information, Mr. Liburdi has issued a restraining order against Clean Elections USA, banning its members from “openly” carrying guns or “wearing visible body armor” within 80 yards of drop boxes, NBC News reports.

The warrant also prohibits members from taking photos, recording, tracking or yelling at voters within 75 feet of drop box locations.

Liburdi also forced the group’s leader, Melody Jennings, to post a message on her account on Trump’s Truth Social app stating that “it is not always illegal to deposit multiple ballots in a ballot box. legal to use the ballot of a relative, relative or person for whom you are the carer.”

Last week, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is running for governor against MAGA candidate Kari Lake, said her office referred six reports of possible voter intimidation to the Attorney General’s office and the United States Department of Justice.

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