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Archie Renaux's Strict Shadow And Bone Training Led Him To Befriend Tabasco

Archie Renaux returns to Netflix as Mal in “Shadow and Bone.” Nearly two years stand between the Season 1 finale “No Mourners” and the upcoming Season 2 premiere, but Renaux is a performer dedicated to his craft: He showed up on set in the best of shape and ready to work. The actor devoted himself to some grueling workouts, but he also adhered to a stringent diet to achieve Mal’s impressive physique. “I was eating like four of these boxes of meals that they would send me, a day,” Renaux said to Wonderland. However, the actor found a way to spice things up when it came to consuming the same bland food choices.

Because the food was so plain, Renaux said in the same interview, “Tabasco became like my best friend! But I got the results.” Renaux went on and told the magazine that he was pleased because his dietary and training measures also helped him when it came time to saddle up and do his share of the stunt work, which included some horseback riding. Fans can expect to see a physically fit Mal at the top of his tracking game when “Shadow and Bone” Season 2 begins streaming on March 16 at 12 a.m. PST.

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