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Anthony Mackie Hints At Marvel's Intense Security For Captain America 4's Script

Marvel has been known to keep its actors on a tight leash. After Mark Ruffalo’s accidental streaming of “Thor: Ragnarok” and Tom Holland’s refusal to keep anything a secret, there is no doubt that creatives are more careful than ever. This even extends to Anthony Mackie, who is now the new American beacon of hope. Marvel apparently didn’t trust him either, as the actor reported on The Kelly Clarkson Show. To even get his hands on a script, it took several steps.

“We literally get a passcode to a website that gives us a location to meet the person to sign, to sit with a computer and read our script,” Mackie explained. The days of couriers dropping off hard copies of scripts have long since passed. Instead, Mackie had to endure the presence of a young intern that watched him the entire time he read it. This was further complicated by the actor’s dyslexia which made reading even slower. But as rigorous as it was to get his hands on the newest chapter of the Marvel Universe, it should still be worth it. “Captain America 4” is a game-changer for Mackie. After years in the supporting role of the Falcon, he is finally in the driver’s seat and ready to change America for the better. We can only hope that best friend Bucky (Sebastian Stan) will have time to join during his busy Thunderbolts schedule.

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