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Ant-Man Star David Dastmalchian Says Bringing Veb To Life In Quantumania Was A 'Healing' Experience – Exclusive

While David Dastmalchian was thrilled to get the call from Peyton Reed to rejoin his “Ant-Man” family for “Quantumania,” the actor’s enthusiasm was dampened when his father passed away in fall 2021, about a week after he landed in London to start filming. Dastmalchian said the death of his father — which came a year and a few months after the passing of his mother during summer 2020 — put him in a very “dark place.”

Fortunately, Dastmalchian found light in the caring friendship of his “Ant-Man” family members, including Paul Rudd. “Paul came to me and helped lift my spirits. He was so great during that week; he made me laugh so hard,” Dastmalchian recalled. “He had so many jokes, some of which were inappropriate … He’s got that magic charm.”

Even more, the goodwill of Dastmalchian’s character, Veb, vastly contributed to his healing process. “Veb is a dear friend,” the Kansas native described. 

“Friendship means more to Veb than anything. He has no family in the Quantum Realm besides his friends,” Dastmalchian said. “He is part of a group of people who’ve been oppressed by a ruthless warlord and overlord, and Veb bonds together with his friends. They’re trying to survive and trying to take care of one another, and his heart beats pure and true. I loved that, because I was in such a sad, dark place where I was feeling sad about film and family and loss and death, and getting to take on this character who has this bright light of love inside of him was healing for me.”

“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is now playing in theaters. Dastmalchian’s next comic book offering, “Count Crowley Volume 2: Amateur Monster Hunter,” will be available on March 14.

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