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Ant-Man 3 Theory: Kang The Conqueror's Fate Connects To Loki's He Who Remains

In the Season 1 finale of “Loki,” we surprisingly meet a variant of Kang known as He Who Remains. He tells our heroes about the legendary Multiverse War, where Kangs fought against each other until He Who Remains restored the balance of time. However, after the latest “Ant-Man” film, fans are beginning to question his version of the events. 

Some fans on Reddit believe Kang and He Who Remains are one and the same, like u/ed190, who noticed, “In Loki’s finale you can see in He Who Remains’ castle four statues with one that has been demolished. In the movie post credits you see three main Kangs and the fourth (Kang of the movie) is the banished one in the quantum realm.” They also added a quote from He Who Remains himself (“reincarnation baby”), further implying that they’re the same person. This is echoed by u/romanholidays, who believes they are merely separated by time itself. 

Although, other fans have different theories, like u/Chemistryset8, who doesn’t think Kang was ever on the Council and has instead been fighting them for a while. They also added, “And now it’s out, my theory is that he’s not dead, he’ll absorb or harness the multiverse engine and use its reality warping powers to come back as the Beyonder.” Could he then become the threatening entity he forewarned Ant-Man about? 

One thing is certainly unanimous among fans, as underlined by u/cap4life52, who agrees with u/Chemistryset8, “I think your theory is spot on – that “deceased” Kang was def[initely] telling the truth. Him and He Who Remains def[initely] seemed to be staving off something worse.” Perhaps that “something worse” is the Council of Kangs, who inadvertently created The Avengers’ next fearsome enemy by outcasting him. 

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