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‘And Just Like That….’: In Defense of Miranda Hobbes Decision to Leave Steve Brady

Sex and the City fans who once loved Miranda Hobbes have switched directions. The once-beloved independent lawyer is getting a lot of hate after everything that transpired in season 1 of And Just Like That…, the HBO Max reboot of the beloved seriesInstead of fawning over Miranda, fans are now seeking vengeance for Miranda’s scorned husband, Steve Brady. Don’t get us wrong. We want to see Steve Brady get the justice he deserves, too. We simply don’t think it is as simple as all that, though. Despite that, we think Miranda Hobbes deserves some defending. 

Miranda was never really happy in her marriage 

Was Miranda Hobbes cold when she ended her marriage to Steve Brady? Absolutely. She could have been gentler and a lot kinder about things. She certainly could have softened the blow a little, but if we look at their marriage honestly, Miranda didn’t throw away a “perfect” union. The marriage between Steve and Miranda was never a good fit. 

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