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Ana de Armas Shares Excitement For John Wick Spin-Off After “Really Demanding” Ballerina Shoot

Ana de Armas will be kicking up a storm in John Wick spin-off Ballerina, and the Cuban actress is excited for the film to hit the big screen next summer. Fans of the John Wick franchise are in for a series is treats over the next year, with Ballerina delving into another part of the assassin’s universe, and The Continental exploring the past of the iconic hotel that has been such an integral piece of the franchise. After making a name for herself in the action-thriller genre, de Armas is taking on what she called a “really demanding” role in Ballerina. She told ET:

“That is gonna be really another level. That movie was really demanding! You know, I love the John Wick universe and I loved working with Keanu again. It’s a great character and it’s a great story, it’s beautiful on screen. I’m very excited for that one.”

De Armas previously suggested that she is looking to leave her action heroine roles behind following Ballerina, although in a new interview while promoting her latest movie Ghosted, she clarified her comments saying that she wouldn’t turn down action roles if they appealed to her. She said:

“We’ll see. I also want to do other kinds of films, and as much as I am enjoying this genre, I’m excited to do other things… I don’t think I can do action my entire life. It’s a lot, but I will, for sure, if the project is right.”

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Ana de Armas Has Taken Hollywood By Storm in the Last Few Years


From an unknown Cuban actress to becoming one of the most sought after stars in Hollywood, Ana de Armas has made the most of the opportunity she had been given since making her English-speaking debut in Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves back in 2015. That has seen her appear alongside Daniel Craig in his final James Bond movie No Time to Die, play Marilyn Monroe in controversial Netflix movie Blonde, and team up with Chris Evans multiple times in Knives Out, The Gray Man and Ghosted.

Although she may be dubious about how long her action movie roles can continue, it is hard to believe that she will not be seen taking on bad guys, dodging bullets and being caught up in some spectacular sequences again in future. However, as her role in Blonde proved, she has much more to offer, and that is clearly what she wants to pursue in her future projects. Exactly what those projects could be is something that is currently unknown, but it will not be long before de Armas finds her next projects.

For fans of the actress, she can be seen in romantic comedy adventure Ghosted on Apple TV+ from April 21, while her previous movies The Gray Man, Knives Out and Blonde are all currently streaming on Netflix. Those waiting for her John Wick Universe appearance in Ballerina, the film will arrive in theaters in summer 2024.

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