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An Expert Broke Down Camilla, William, Kate, and Kids’ Confident Body Language at Coronation Rehearsal

Just days away from King Charles III’s coronation, royals headed to Westminster Abbey for a May 3 rehearsal. According to a body language expert, there seemed to be no nerves among Prince William, Kate Middleton, their three children, or the soon-to-be Queen Camilla. Although one hinted they’ll be taking their coronation role “very seriously.” 

Kate Middleton looked like a ‘tension-breaker’ at the coronation rehearsal

“‘I don’t want any drama’ is a well-used line in reality TV and always comes before an event that is about to kick off,” body language expert Judi James said (via Mirror). “The royals have their own dramas recently but it looks clear from their body language at these coronation rehearsals that they are planning to ensure everything will go hitch-free.” 

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