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Ajoomma Movie Production and Review

Ajoomma is a Singaporean-Korean current movie coordinated by He Shuming.

Stars: Hong Hwi Tooth, Kang Hyung Seok and Jung Dong Hwan

Commercial The film acquired 4 picks on the approaching 59th Brilliant Pony Grants, with Hong being the principal Singaporean to be assigned for Best Driving Entertainer.

It is booked to debut on the 2022 Busan Global Film Celebration on October 7, 2022 and can open in homegrown motion pictures on October 27, 2022.

A fairly aged Singaporean named Aunt (Hong Huifang) has gone by the use of the overwhelming majority of her time on earth supporting her members of the family. As her grown-up child Sam (Shane Pow) appears to be further free, she is handed on to deal with a completely completely totally different persona previous her jobs as little lady, associate, and mother.

A effectivity tour to Korea transforms proper right into a wild experience when she meets Jung Soo (Jung Dong Hwan), an older security official, and Kwon-Charm (Kang Hyung Suk), a youthful native escort who doesn’t appear to be on a mind-blowing beat. collectively.

The triplet set out on a surprising rollercoaster journey the place hearts shudder and startling bonds building

The film was superior as a result of the principal official co-creation amongst Singapore and Korea and was shot normally in Korea, with Hong being seen recording there in mid 2022.

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