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Adam Zwar Starred In This Journalism Comedy

Adam Zwar Starred In This Journalism Comedy: Adam Zwar is the focus of a new investigation by ABC. Adam Zwar will feature in a new ABC sitcom based on his time as a tabloid Newspaper reporter. Adam Zwar, an actor, and the writer will star in and co-create a new 8-episode ABC sitcom, Lowdown (Wilfred). “I created it with Amanda Brotchie, an AFI Award-winning director.

” Zwar told TV Tonight after finishing the second season of Wilfred for SBS. It’s loosely based on my work as a Sunday newspaper celebrity profile writer.” Paul Denny (Love of Lionel’s Life, Wilfred, Hawke), Beth Buchanan (Hey Dad, The King), and Dailan Evans (The King) complete the cast (Eagle and Evans, Mark Love Sharon.) The former showbiz journalist and columnist claims that while working in the industry, he was threatened by Sting, had his tape recorder thrown out of a hotel room window by Billy Idol, was physically assaulted by Mark Philippoussis bodyguards.

He spent an evening comforting the then-wife of John Elliot outside her Toorak mansion after the then-Carlton president was busted for drink driving. Additionally, Will Ferrell and Tommy Lee have added to his impressive list of subjects together with Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey as well as a slew of Aussie celebrities like Stephen Curry, whose Zwar broke at Sydney airport. Nicole Minchin (Just for Laughs) and Andrew Knight are behind the show’s production (SeaChange, Fast Forward, Tripping Over, After the Deluge).


An award-winning Australian actor, voice actor, and writer, Adam Zwar (born January 13, 1972) Agony Aunts, Agony Uncles, The Agony of Life, The Agony of Modern Manners, and Agony are just a few of the popular factual series he has created. Rats and Cats and The Wedding Party also feature Zwar as an actor. His 2013 documentary series Bodyline: The Ultimate Test examined the infamous Ashes series between England and Australia in 1931-32 through the lens of forensic science.

Adam Zwar Starred In This Journalism Comedy

Early years

Born on January 13, 1972, Zwar was reared in Cairns, Queensland, where he attended Cairns High School. The actor Leo McKern sold the family home to his parents, who acquired it. Desmond Zwar, the author of Rudolf Hess’s best-selling book The Loneliest Man in the World, is Zwar’s father. Zwar is his son. Delphine Zwar, Zwar’s mother, was a long-time contributor to House and Garden. As a senior at Brisbane Grammar School, Zwar was the cross country team captain and a member of the track and field team. The University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba was his first stop after graduating from high school and earning his bachelor’s in journalism.

As a result, he began taking acting classes as well. As a cadet at The Cairns Post, and later at the Sunday Herald Sun, he learned the craft of journalism. Zwar Adam Zwar apologizes for pretending to be a journalist in order to acquire a job at an organization. While at the Sunday Herald Sun, Zwar developed an interest in filmmaking and chose to pursue it. Then in 1997, he quit his full-time journalism job to work as a freelance journalist and an actor. Theater, advertising, and guest parts on Neighbours, Blue Heelers, and Sea Change are just some of the jobs he’s had. An annual sum of $A4000 was set aside by Zwar so that he could make a short film each year.

Adam Zwar Starred In This Journalism Comedy

Career: The short film Wilfred, co-written, produced, and co-starred by Adam in 2002, followed by the television series Wilfred, which aired on SBS in 2007, was Adam’s first foray into feature filmmaking. The AFI Award for Best Performance in a Television Comedy went to him later that year. The popular comedy Lowdown, which Adam and Amanda Brotchie wrote after Adam finished the second season of Wilfred and won the Australian Writers Guild Awards (AWG) for Best Television Comedy Screenplay in 2010 and 2012, was born from their partnership.

Adam Zwar Starred In This Journalism Comedy
Adam Zwar Starred In This Journalism Comedy

At the 2013 AACTA Awards, Lowdown won Best Television Comedy. Adam Zwar, star of The Adam Zwar Lowdown, reveals his picks for the best spots in Melbourne to have tea. Agony, a successful ABC1 series featuring some of Australia’s best and brightest comedians and social critics, has also been established by him recently. There were Agony Uncles, then Agony Aunts, The Agony of Life, The Agony of Christmas, and then in 2014 The Agony of Modern Manners. The agony was released in 2015 as the series revived. The 2013 AACTA Awards recognized Agony Aunts as the best light entertainment television series.

In the QA department of Adam Zwar Mumbrellas by Adam Zwar, Besides writing and starring in Rats and Cats, Adam also served as a co-writer and a co-star in the 2006 Melbourne International Film Festival-nominated Rats and Cats. He worked with Geoffrey Rush and Stephen Curry as co-hosts of the AFI Awards on the Nine Network from 2006 through 2010. Among Zwar’s most recent roles are those of Martin Gero in Rush, the Network Ten crime thriller, and Carla Cametti PD, the ABC movie Valentine’s Day, as well as the Channel Nine crime drama Underbelly. Tangle, a Foxtel drama, cast Zwar in the lead role in 2010.

Personal issues: Amanda Brotchie, an AFI-nominated director, is Zwar’s wife.

Citations and Honours

  • For Lowdown, Amanda Brotchie and Nicole Minchin were awarded the AACTA Award for Best Television Comedy (2012).
  • Agony Aunts: Nicole Minchin took up the award for Best Light Entertainment at the AACTA Awards (2012).
  • Award: Won with Amanda Brotchie and Trudy Hellier from the AWGIE (Australian Writers Guild) Comedy – Situation or Narrative for “One Fine Gay” from Lowdown (2012) Episode 3
  • AFI Awards (Television): Jason Gann Best Screenplay in Television for Wilfred (2007)
  • Lowdown (2010) Episode 7 – “Who’s Your Baddy?” won the AWGIE (Australian Writers Guild) Award for Best Comedy – Situation or Narrative.
  • Australian Writers Guild (AWGIE) Award: “Dog Eat Dog” was nominated for Best Comedy – Situation or Narrative for Wilfred (2007) Episode 6. (2007)
  • Best Actor in a Television Comedy at the Australian Film Institute Awards (Television). Wilfred (2007)
  • Kissing for Australia has been nominated for a Best Actor Green Room Award.
  • Lowdown: Accolade Competition: Award for Outstanding Comedic Achievement
  • Lowdown: Accolade Competition: Leading Actor Award for Excellence – Winners


  • Trevor Bailey stars in the 2014 television series Party Tricks.
  • ‘Agony’ (2013 TV series) Narrator
  • the narrator of The Agony of New Year’s Eve (2013)
  • Episodes of The Agony of the Mind (2013-2013)
  • the narrator for the 2013 television series The Agony of Modern Manners
  • the narrator of the 2013 television series The Agony of Christmas
  • the narrator of the 2013 television series the agony of life
  • Bob Oakley in Rake (2012), a television series.
  • Howzat! Peter McFarlane stars in the miniseries Kerry Packer’s War (2012).
  • TV series Tangle (2010) — Hughey
  • In 2010’s Lowdown, Alex Burchill starred in the TV show.
  • Toby Stephens in The Wedding Party
  • TV series Rush (2008) starring Martin Gero (2 episodes)
  • In the TV series Carla Cametti PD, Hank is a detective.
  • Telemovie: Beak’s Valentine’s Day (2008)
  • Gregg Hilderbrandt in the television series Underbelly (2008)
  • (2009) Ben – Rats and Cats
  • Adam Douglas starred in the TV series Wilfred (2007–2010)
  • characters from the TV show The Wedge (2006–2007):
  • Tat (2003) – CrashBurn
  • Series of television MDA (2002–2003) – Peter Munro
  • In the Blue Heelers (1998–2002), Arnie Violet
  • Grubby Kane was the star of the Stingers from 1999 to 2001.
  • Const. George Velos was the director of SeaChange (1999–2000)
  • Neighbours (1985) – Mark Billings – TV show.

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