Absent from CES 2023, Sony finally introduces its Bravia XR TV lineup *Updated*

Absent from CES 2023, Sony finally introduces its Bravia XR TV lineup

*Updated: 3 March 2023 18:00 with local pricing details.*

Absent from CES 2023, Sony has just announced its 2023 Bravia XR TV lineup centred around the theme of Spatial Entertainment, or the “integrated audiovisual experience” as the company puts it.

And the key to this is image processing around the company’s Cognitive Processor XR. This in itself isn’t new, but what is, is XR Clear Image. With this feature, whatever you watch, no matter the source is upscaled close to 4K. So, you can bring back lost detail, with reduced noise, and see all your HD and digital content upscaled to nearly 4K resolution.

But audio also can’t be left behind. Each model offers Acoustic Center Sync which synchronises the TV’s audio system with a compatible Sony soundbar. This turns the TV into the centre speaker for the ultimate, immersive at-home experience. 360 Spatial Sound Mapping generates phantom speakers and sound field optimisation to give you a simulated surround sound experience.

Additionally, the flagship X95L features Acoustic Multi-Audio+ that when used together with Dolby Atmos, frame tweeters vibrate the frame of the TV to produce elevated, wider sound closely matching the picture you see.

Powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, the XR Backlight Master Drive uses a Sony-developed local dimming algorithm to control thousands of tiny, ultra-dense Mini LEDs with absolute precision and independence, delivering extraordinary brightness, impressive dynamic range, deep blacks and beautifully natural colours.

All of these TVs are capable of 4K gaming at 120Hz, support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) with HDMI 2.1 ports. Sony continues to offer deep integration with the PS5, with exclusive features, including Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode, for optimised picture quality while gaming and streaming. Another feature is the Game Menu where gamers can tailor their settings to their preferences, such as turning on or off VRR or Motion Blur Reduction with quick access. Again, the A95L model gets more love with Multi-View, where users can watch walk-throughs and gameplay guides side-by-side while simultaneously playing their favourite titles.

Then there is the software.

The Bravia Core app is a pre-loaded movie service that comes with five, 10 or 15 movie credits to watch the latest releases and popular classics and additional movies up to 24 months of unlimited streaming, with the purchase of a Bravia XR TV.

All of Sony’s 2023 TVs continue to run on Google TV. As usual, this means you can access all your favourite streaming apps in one place, access thousands of apps on your TV for casual gaming and more via the PLay Store, Google Assistant voice search, and supports features from Apple (AirPlay 2 / HomeKit) and Amazon (Alexa).

Image source: Sony.

A returning feature is the Bravia Cam. But this year, it can detect the viewer’s position to optimise the picture and sound according to the room’s environment and viewing distance.


The new 2023 Bravia XR models


Bravia XR X95L 4K HDR mini-LED TV

Image source: Sony.

The successor to last year’s excellent X95K, the flagship Bravia XR X95L will come in only an 85-inch model. Reports have the X95L coming with 20% more dimming zones than its 2022 predecessor and being around 30% brighter.


Bravia XR X93L 4K HDR mini-LED TV

Image source: Sony.

The Bravia XR X93L will come in 85-inch, 77-inch, and 65-inch sizes. Like the X95L, the X93L models come with mini-LED technology and XR Backlight Master Drive and XR Triluminos Pro technology to control and get the best out of them. But this model feels more like a replacement for the X95K of last year rather than the X95L itself.


Bravia XR X90L 4K HDR Full Array LED TV

Image source: Sony.

Unlike last year’s X90K, the Bravia XR X90L comes in five sizes spanning 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch, and 98-inch models. Its full-array LED panel comes with improved Clear Image upscaling and is also up to 30 percent brighter than before.



Image source: Sony.

Coming in three sizes (77-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch), Sony says its quantum dot OLED-based A95L is twice as bright when compared to the 2022 A95K. It also benefits from a less reflective coating when compared to the A95K. Designed to be virtually bezel-free, the A95L lets you focus on the picture.



Image source: Sony.

The X80L (83-inch, 77-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch) series comes with the Cognitive Processor XR, unlike last year’s X80K. But the other upgrades feel more incremental; the brightness is only 10% better than last year’s model, for example.


Pricing and availability

Sony isn’t sharing pricing for any of the new Bravia XR TVs just yet, only saying we have to wait until Spring 2023. In Singapore, we’ve been told the new line-up will be available from April 2023. Unfortunately, the X93L won’t be making its way here. 


Model Name Pricing Availability
XR-65A95L S$7,999 August 2023
A80L OLED TV Series
XR-77A80L S$12,999


April 2023

XR-65A80L S$5,999
XR-55A80L S$4,099

Pre-order Bundle Promotion 2 Mar – 3 Apr

77A80L at S$11,199 with PS5 Disc Console (worth $799) + BRAVIA CORE subscription (Platinum)

65A80L at S$5,099 with PS5 Disc Console (worth $799) + BRAVIA CORE subscription (Platinum)

55A80L at S$3,999 with PS5 Disc Console (worth $799) + BRAVIA CORE subscription (Platinum)

Available at all participating Sony Stores and Authorised Dealers.

For more information, visit

X95L 4K Mini LED TV Series
XR-85X95L S$12,999 May 2023
XR-75X95L S$9,999 May 2023
XR-65X95L S$6,999 June 2023
X90L 4K Full Array LED TV Series
XR-85X90L S$7,999 June 2023
XR-75X90L S$5,999 June 2023
XR-65X90L S$3,999 May 2023
XR-55X90L S$2,999 May 2023


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