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4 Musicians George Harrison Hated

George Harrison made many close friends in the music industry. The Beatles guitarist had close relationships with Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan, found inspiration from Ravi Shankar, thought Led Zeppelin was incredible, and continued working with Ringo Starr when the Fab Four broke up. Yet the youngest Beatle wasn’t all about peace and love. Here are four musicians George hated, including one artist he worked with in the 1980s.

George Harrison | Aaron Rapoport/Corbis via Getty Images

1. George Harrison hated Neil Young’s singing

The so-called quiet Beatle’s restrained demeanor hid a sharp wit and opinionated personality. George Harrison was painfully honest at times, so he didn’t hide his hatred for Neil Young and his music. And honestly, his complaint about Young’s music is one many other music fans share.

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