#2023election: Peter Obi, Tinubu, Atiku: Nigerians Reveal How To Fix Nigeria Problems (VIDEO)

2023 Election: Peter Obi, Tinubu, Atiku: Nigerians Reveal How They Can Fix Nigeria Problems if they have the chance to become President…….(Subscribe to our channel here for more vidoes)


Every one person living in Nigeria today would agree with me that the country is facing so many problems that point down to “Bad” leadership. Some of the notable problems include insecurity, subsidy, oil theft, unemployment, poor educational system, flooding, mismanagement of resources, ambiguous pensions to ex-leaders, leadership problems, and ethnic crises, to mention but a few.


Today on the voice of the street, NewsOnline TV team decided to give the “streets” a chance to express their opinions and insights on how they can fix the problems of our dear country should they become the President.


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